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Underwater Cosmetic Photography

Workshop #56

Underwater Cosmetic Photography


This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, assignment #56


One aspect of commercial product photography that is least understood is aquatic, or aqueous or underwater product photography. Water is difficult to manage or choreograph. It is difficult to light too. Anyone who has shot underwater photography will know this. Adding a product into the mix only complicates things.


In this workshop Alex, your Photigy instructor explains techniques on how to light a shot when the product is placed underwater. He would also explain the tools you need to make shots such as these possible. He will also detail the props you would need to accentuate the shot plus the right way to use them.


This tutorial / workshop is a part of the Pro Club. Members can join in and watch this for free. Each of our Pro Workshops has a comprehensive way to test your understanding of the tutorial. There will be opportunities to submit your images as a part of the assignment within two weeks. If you are not a member of the Pro Club but want to learn this anyways, you can pay month by month, without a commitment and watch the tutorials as they are published / streamed.

Underwater Cosmetic Photography

Underwater Cosmetic Photography Video Tutorial

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Underwater Cosmetic Photography
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