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Universal 2 Light Sources Setup for Electronic Devices on a Grey Background

There are many situations where we need to take a photo of a single – and simple (not many glossy parts) subject on a flat table. This is exactly what I need for one of Photigy review, a hero shot of cameras we reviewing.

When I started to work on this shot, there were few unexpected issues when I did not get the look I wanted right away, and the solution (when I found it) was “against the law of reflection”. At first look – and it was interesting.

This is why I’ve decided to record this BTS video tutorial for Pro Corner community. It will not only show you an easy and simple way of shooting any “standalone” subject on a glossy table, but also will guide through a real-life troubleshooting when things does not go right.


The final images (no post-production) from this tutorial:

At the end I promote this $89 deal for the liquid course (and the rest of $2000 bundle) – you can skip it, most likely you already got it. I was thinking to send this video as a promotion for a liquid course:-)

   In the Gearbox

Camera: Hasselblad H1 & Leaf Aptus 75 Digital Back
Lens: Hasselblad HC 120mm F4 macro
Lighting: Broncolor Grafit A4 poack + Pulso Heads
Light Modifiers: Paul C Buff stripbox adapted for Broncolor mount, Broncolor Optical attachement
Grip (mentioned in the video): Various Wall Plates
Software: Capture One Pro as tethered solution

Course for newcomers

Certification Program