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What is the most useful thing for a studio photographer?

What is the most important tool for a still life studio photographer? What is the critical part that makes a great image, beside an obvious camera, lens, and lighting?

Watch the video and I’ll tell you what it is, and where to get it without spending  too much.

 The Most Important Thing in Studio Still Life Photography

Where to buy these diffusers and srim frames

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February 23, 2018

9 responses on "What is the most useful thing for a studio photographer?"

  1. Hello

    How use a Foba – Large Acryl Diffuser Cone – 19.5×19.5″ ?
    You advised it but you don’t explain his use !
    thank you

  2. Excellent video, thanks.

    How do you attach the Savage Translum to a holder? Clamps?

  3. Instead of spray paint, which the overspray will affect the material translucency and spraying indoors is dangerous, put white gaffer tape over the yellow. Also if you found need for black edge you could use black tape over the white and remove when not needed. This will be far more versatile in the long run.
    Thanks for another extremely useful video.

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