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White subject on a white background with no Photoshop

The starting point for setting up your camera for studio lighting

There are many situations when a photographer needs to make hundreds of images of products on an entirely white background. Usual work for online catalogs and brochures.

Such work can only be profitable if photographer manages to create and deliver high quantity of product’s images in a short time, with minimal post-production.

Things get more complicated when we shoot a white subject on a white background, and beginner photographer may have a hard time to produce “white on white” product shot without any post-production.

In this webinar, Alex Koloskov demonstrated the technique on how to create images of white subjects on a white background out-form-the camera, without any touch up in Photoshop or Lightroom.

You will learn…

  • Why shooting tables do not work for “white on white” photography
  • How to make a reflection or shadow under the product with a completely white background
  • How to make such images without post-production, only with batch RAW-to JPEG conversion.

Example images Alex created during the webinar. No Photoshop - SOOC

It took Alex 6 seconds to take these images – from a camera shutter click to export in JPEG in batch RAW process. No adjustments, no post-production.

Watch the video below to see how it was done – and much more!

Webinar with Alex Koloskov - the video

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6 responses on "White subject on a white background with no Photoshop"

  1. If I wanted to get edge definition for a series of different shaped glass bottles filled with maple syrup, how can I quickly solve this? The only thing I can think of is to cut out the shape in a flag and place it behind the bottle. Is there an easier way? Thanks!

  2. Hi Angela,
    This lesson is part of Studio Basics, a payed membership. You will not be able to watch the video it unless you are logged in to your account.

  3. video loads but will not play on Chrome. Plays on IE and Firefox but no sound.

  4. I shared this on Facebook, but it say’s Premium Content – Login. I cannot play the video

    • Angela,
      This workshop was free to attend for everyone ONLINE, during the realtime broadcast. To get free access you were needed to share this event – and thank you for helping us to spread the word about this event!
      However, to access recording you need to be a member of Studio Basics or Pro Club program.

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