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DIY Gear Solutions for Studio Photographers

Smart way to build your photography studio  This is a set of tutorials and DIY builds that [...]
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Smart way to build your photography studio 

This is a set of tutorials and DIY builds that Alex Koloskov has been using in his studio for last 6-7 years. It will help you to save money and build DIY solutions for your photography .

Originally each lesson was a post on Alex personal blog, and then we decided to create this course to put everything together.

Enjoy and start building your studio today! 

Tilt/Shift camera system for 35mm cameras with medium /large format lens mount

Course lessons

DIY Lighting
Professional photography without professional equipment: $55 studio set
15 minutes
Tricks and Tips: How to create a gradient reflection with large softbox
14 minutes
Easy DIY diffuser from Scrim frame
4 minutes
DIY lighting tent for glossy subject, top-down shots
10 minutes
How to Build $15 Large DIY Diffuser
7 minutes
Plexiglas for Studio Photography: Why It is a great choice for a product photographer?
12 minutes
DIY Tilt-shift adapter
Developing a tilt/shift system for 35mm digital camera based on 4×5 view camera
10 minutes
Exploring tilt and swing of a view camera adapter for 35mm DSLR
6 minutes
Using Tilt-Shift adapter for DSLR
2 minutes
DIY battery power pack
DIY portable power system for Paul C. Buff monolights
12 minutes

Course Reviews

    Im starting to do this, thankyou so much bro!!! awesome tutorials

  2. Great tips on Tilt Shift DIY devices!
    Alex, thank you for those inspiring tips on DIY Solutions. Does the TS-90mm f/2.8 lens can produce similar results as the this tilt-shift system for 35 mm digital camera does? can it put everything into focus (like in the example in jewelry shooting) ?


  3. Profile photo of Jonny Jonny says:

    Another top quality course.
    Thank you Alex, you have inspired me to better product photography and tips for creating the equipment needed to improve.

  4. For Free, this is truly inspiring!
    Alex has put together a great DIY slash Intro to Studio Photography for all photographers.
    I really like the hands on video’s.
    Links to equipment and supplies.
    This will definitely help me in my small studio.
    Thanks Photigy and Alex.

  5. Profile photo of Stacie Stacie says:

    This course was great! Very informative and gave me ideas to use in the lighting lab.

  6. Profile photo of Ralph Parus Ralph Parus says:

    I’m a DIY kind of person. I’m always thinking of and looking for ways of spending less money and building what I need, if I can, instead of buying something. This video has a lot to offer. It came at the perfect time also. I’m in the middle of putting studio equipment together while I learn about product photography.


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Andy McLaughlin

Andy McLaughlin


Dear Alex, thank you sooooo much for all your help! You are wonderful. I wish I found Photigy years ago. I don't feel so alone any longer in my...Read more

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Laima Marcin


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