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This is a set of tutorials and DIY builds that Alex Koloskov has been using in his studio for last 6-7 years. It will help you to save money and build DIY solutions for your photography .

Originally each lesson was a post on Alex personal blog, and then we decided to create this course to put everything together.

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Tilt/Shift camera system for 35mm cameras with medium /large format lens mount

Course Curriculum

DIY Lighting
Professional photography without professional equipment: $55 studio set 00:15:00
Tricks and Tips: How to create a gradient reflection with large softbox FREE 00:14:00
Easy DIY diffuser from Scrim frame 00:04:00
DIY lighting tent for glossy subject, top-down shots 00:10:00
How to Build $15 Large DIY Diffuser 00:07:00
Plexiglas for Studio Photography: Why It is a great choice for a product photographer? 00:12:00
DIY Tilt-shift adapter
Developing a tilt/shift system for 35mm digital camera based on 4×5 view camera 00:10:00
Exploring tilt and swing of a view camera adapter for 35mm DSLR 00:06:00
Using Tilt-Shift adapter for DSLR 00:02:00
DIY battery power pack
DIY portable power system for Paul C. Buff monolights 00:12:00
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