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Photigy Success Story:

an interview with Aidan Hughes

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Aidan Hughes is a photographer who specializes in Product Advertising Photography and CGI, a photographer with great passion in his work. His skill set lies in two key attributes: lightning and problem solving, that enables him to take a project from conception through reality. He also helps people to showcase their brand whether they already have a vision and mind or requiring a full on creative makeover. We are proud to share his work as part of this features interview.

Success Story Interview with Aidan Hughes-Olay

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been studying photography full-time for the past year. Before this, I was an amateur/hobbyist for 30 years. My first camera was an old Nikon SLR that was handed down to me by my father.

Is it your profession (part-time or full-time) or are you still learning? 

I am hoping that I will be able to call it my profession by the end of this year. Although I am still learning, I feel that I am ready to start looking for my first clients.

If you are still learning: What are your goals (or plans) as a photographer? What would you like to do after reaching a level that would enable you to do commercial quality work? 

My immediate goal is to start working with clients as soon as possible. After this, I wish to keep learning and perfecting my skills. The ultimate dream is to one day be signed with an agency.

What made you decide to pursue product photography? 

I have been experimenting with various genres of photography over the years, however, product photography is the only genre that really gets me excited. The challenge of lighting a subject well whilst also trying to convey emotion is addictive.

How did you first learn about Photigy? 

Success Story Interview with Aidan Hughes-Bud-Light-BTS

I first saw Alex on Youtube just over a year ago. I was amazed at the images he was able to produce and the passion that radiates from him.

When did you take your first course (what year)?

I enrolled in the Certification Program earlier this year. I am a good way through it and hope to be signed off before the end of the year.

How many product photography courses or workshops have you taken through Photigy?

Two in total. I am currently working through the Certification Program, I am also a member of Pro Club and enjoy the monthly workshops as they are educational and a fun challenge.

Do you have a favorite course or workshop? If so, what made it your favorite? 

 So far, the Certification Program is my favorite. I love how it gives me a structured learning path. There is plenty of content to help develop each aspect of my photography and the fact that I get to submit my work for personal feedback is invaluable.

When you first got started, what did you find to be the most challenging aspect of photographing products? 

Controlling the light, especially in the small room that I am currently using, the light spill can ruin your shot. Thankfully I have learned enough now to keep this under control.

What is your favorite product image you created since taking courses/workshops through Photigy?

Success Story Interview with Aidan Hughes-Bud-Light

I would have to say the GoPro splash image. I really had fun throwing all that water around, however, the cleaning up was not so much fun. It was tough trying to decide on the final splash shots to use for the image, but I am very happy with how it turned out.

What specialty in product photography interests you the most (beverage, food, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.)? 

The beverage would definitely be my favorite, followed closely by cosmetics. The vibrant tones and variation in surfaces fit with my style perfectly.

How has your learning experience with Photigy affected your success as a photographer or pursuit of photography? 

For example: Are you able to create images you couldn’t previously? Did it enable you to earn money photographing products? Did you start a product photography business? Did it increase your overall photography skills, etc.?

Photigy has definitely helped to refine my photography, to a point where I am seeing a marked improvement all around. It has also given me the self-confidence to be able to take on any task, safe in the knowledge that I am capable of producing images I can be proud of.

What advice do you have for people interested in pursuing product photography? 

Remember to take it one step at a time, It will not happen overnight. Be patient, keep practicing and keep learning. Eventually, you will get there.

What other areas of photography interest you? 

I love wildlife photography, my particular favorite is birds. Again it’s down to the challenge of getting the shot, plus it gets me out of the house for a while and gives my wife a break from me taking up all the space in the living room.


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