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Photigy Success Story:

an interview with Norman Krimholtz

Featured Interview

Norman Krimholtz is a professional photographer for 15 years. Photography is always been part of his life since his first box-brownie camera was given by his dad at the age of six. His passion led him to see and learn how to control the light to take such amazing photos. As a photographer, he ensures you will have fun and have an enjoyable experience while taking your most memorable photos. It is such a great pleasure to us and we are so proud to share his work as a part of this feature interview.

Success Story Interview with Norman Krimholtz-Under-The-Sea-Nail-PolishHow long have you been a photographer (hobbyist or professional)?

Photography has always been a part of my life. Since my first box-brownie camera was given to me by my Dad at the age of six to the present day, I’ve always had a camera within arms reach, ready to get that moment in time.
In my later teens I developed and printed film photos in black and white, colour was too expensive.
Since the development of digital cameras, I started to take a more serious look at photography. In 2009 I was successful in achieving City & Guilds level 2 in “Studio photography” and “Presenting photo images” both with distinction, using a Canon 5D II. I have also been on many training days with Canon professionals. Now I have a Panasonic G9.

Is it your profession (part-time or full-time) or are you still learning?

If it is your profession: Tell us a little about your business. How long have you been a working photographer? What types of photography services do you offer? What helps set you apart from your competition?

I have been a working photographer for the last 15 years offering portraits, headshots, and events. Since learning product photography I feel I have further developed my creativity and this is where I feel I have the edge. It has been my profession but more part-time now. You never stop learning with photography and I just can’t let go. It is my passion!

If you are still learning: What are your goals (or plans) as a photographer? What would you like to do after reaching a level that would enable you to do commercial quality work?

My goal is to find clients and work with them to promote their products. To continue to learn in particular with jewellery and CGI.

What made you decide to pursue product photography?

I have a small home studio and became interested in macro photography which helped to develop my creativity. This led me towards product photography which I could work within my studio and which increased my enthusiasm in this field.

Success Story Interview with Norman Krimholtz-Perfume-Shot-Cool-Water-Setup-BTS

How did you first learn about Photigy?

I started to look on the internet regarding product photography. Nothing really stood out. It wasn’t until I came across Photigy that I realized that this was the right site!

I liked the presentation that Alex gives, showing details of the setup and explaining everything. Also getting thorough feedback on what is uploaded for critique.

When did you take your first course (what year)? 

My first course with Photigy was Jewellery Photography for Beginners’ webinar in 2017. More advanced courses on jewellery are part of my goal.

How many product photography courses or workshops have you taken through Photigy? Do you have a favorite course or workshop? If so, what made it your favorite? 

4 in total:-
Jewelry Photography for Beginners
Mastering Product Retouching Course
Introduction To CGI For Product Photographers
( Currently) The Complete Guide To Product Photography V2.0

I am also a Pro Club Member

My favourite is The Complete Guide To Product Photography (which I have almost completed) because it is the most challenging and I have learned a lot about light and how to control it. It has also brought out even more of that creative streak.

When you first got started, what did you find to be the most challenging aspect of photographing products?

Controlling the light on glossy subjects and clear glass. Reflections and refraction. Also shadows. Where they all come from.

Success Story Interview with Norman Krimholtz-Sanctury-Spa-Bath-Salt-Creative-Moody-Shot

What is your favorite product image you created since taking courses/workshops through Photigy?

I am a bit torn here because I like many of my creative shots, putting a few in order of preference would be:-

Under The Sea nail paint. Love the tones and colours! The idea came to me quite quickly but took time to set up and a lot of patience to get the drips.
Muller Strawberry Milk Shake Splash. Splash photography is great fun. You need a lot of patience and it is messy. Get it right and the product can look great!
Also, the Sanctuary Spa Splash could not be left out!
Avon Perfume. I like the colour, bokeh, and smokey background. Managed to get all the colours to tone in with each other.
Can I just mention that I like doing food products because you can often eat them when finished taking the shots?!

What specialty in product photography interests you the most (beverage, food, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.)? 

I really do not mind. Anything where I can be challenged and be creative and which would give a client a fantastic result.

How has your learning experience with Photigy affected your success as a photographer or pursuit of photography?

I really do not mind. Anything where I can be challenged and be creative and which would give a client a fantastic result.

For example: Are you able to create images you couldn’t previously? Did it enable you to earn money photographing products? Did you start a product photography business? Did it increase your overall photography skills, etc.?

What advice do you have for people interested in pursuing product photography?

Really understand how light and shade can affect the product. Where reflections and refraction come from. Lots of patience is needed and practice, practice, practice.

What other areas of photography interest you?

Really understand how light and shade can affect the product. Where reflections and refraction come from. Lots of patience is needed and practice, practice, practice.

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