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Expert’s Advice: Must have accessories in your studio by Vadim Chiline

Jewelry Photography is a tricky business. To be successful, the photographer needs to know a lot about studio lighting, as well as how light is reflected and refracted in gemstones and minerals.

It takes years of hard work before the photographer can gain the necessary knowledge and experience to work with high-end jewelers and jewelry pieces.

Today, one of the top jewelry photographers in the world,  Canadian jewelry photographer Vadim Chiline is going to talk about a few things he commonly uses when he works. These little helpers don’t cost too much, but can save you a fortune when used in the studio.

Must have accessories in your studio: EpicMind Studio Photography Education with Vadim Chiline



Personal Review and Critique with Vadim Chiline

You have a chance to have your jewelry work reviewed and critiqued by Vadim Chiline. Details below:

Submit your jewelry work (up to 2 images) to the Photigy Pro Corner forum and Vadim will review them during a LIVE “On-Air” review session in January 2015.

During the review, Vadim is going to point out areas of improvement for your shots and will suggest exactly how to address the issues and make the improvements.

You will be able to participate in the LIVE review session and ask Vadim questions using a chat window (as usual for any Pro Corner live events)

To participate, you need to be a Photigy Pro Corner member and submit your images and diagrams of the lighting setup from the shot to this forum before January 10th, 2015.

Please note: we have limited amount of time for the reviews (1 hour); submissions will be reviewed in the order submitted, as time permits. 

More About Vadim Chiline

More About Vadik Chiline at his studio blog:  http://www.epicmind.com/blog/

Jewelry Photography from EpicMind Studio:


5 responses on "Expert's Advice: Must have accessories in your studio by Vadim Chiline"

  1. Thank you so much for this video Vadim. I’m building my product photography studio and was looking for good advice on accessories.

  2. Thank you so much. This information was great. I was really struggling with holding my flags in place.

  3. Thanks everyone.

    Please submit your images as mentioned above. I will take some time to review them and make notes so that when it comes to the live session I can help you with some constructive criticism to try to get an even more special image.

    I will probably host this live even in the 2nd half of January – so please get some of your images soon! :)



  4. Very nice, thnx Vadim for those useful tips!

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