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Online photo-coaching course: Tabletop Photography for Beginners

Online Course: Tabletop Photography for Beginners

Tabletop photography for beginners free online course

Looking back to our PHOTIGY Live handouts, I was astonished by the progress made by photographers who joined us at the beginning, without any previous experience in tabletop studio photography. The results of each assignment and critique session, followed by a demonstation of the techniques, were improving with each time. Seeing the progress and hearing feedback was the most rewarding part from the Photigy Live hangouts for us.

This is why we decided to create a series of interactive online courses, utilizing a similar approach as we had with our weekly assignments.

Why do you need it?

  • To get courage and knowledge to start your own studio

  • To feel comfortable and confident working with products of any complexity  in the studio

  • To know how effectively and creatively use your studio equipment


“I found your website today and since morning i am lost in your website. Thank you so much for sharing such brilliant videos.
There is so much of awesome info on your website. thanx again!”

“I am a big fan of your work in product photography, is simply spectacular, is very inspiring for me and I learned a lot from your tips and tutorials, I’m starting my own photography studio and has really helped me see your experience , thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.”
~Andres Giraldo


The Course

Each course will consist from series of tutorials followed by assignments where student will have to deliver the same result as was shown in the tutorial. A second part of the assignment will be a creative shot based on a learned technique.
Each assignment will be followed by a feedback/critique session (via Google + hangout or similar interface) and each video session will be recorded and shared among the group. This way students will learn from mistakes made by others.

The course is designed for five weeks and includes five lessons:

  • Dark Glass (example: bottle of red wine)
  • Clear glass with and w/o clear liquid (glass of water)
  • White subject on a white background (“catalog-type” shots)
  • Kitchenware (reflective subject like a knife)
  • Shoe (textured subject)


Every lesson will consists from these steps:

  1. Video tutorial of the particular assignment. Tutorial will include a studio shot and a post-production part.
  2. Homework where students will have to repeat the same shot themselves.
  3. Second part of the homework will be a creative shot based on the learned technique.
  4. Submitted results (both, creative and original) will be reviewed and troubleshooted during the video hangout, with or without students.

How to apply?

To make this course successful, we’ll need a special students. I know how attractive free things are, and I want to make sure we will have right people on the board. Therefore, to apply for this free course you will need to create a short video covering these three topics:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Describe your previous experience with Photigy tutorials, how did they work for you? What did you learn?
  3. Why do you need this course, how do you think it will help you?
The video can be uploaded to any free video sharing services (youtube) and set to unlisted if you do not want it to be shared on public. I may use your video as a testimonial in the future.
If you are here for the first time, please look around and learn my teaching style. I need to make sure you will be comfortable going through this course with me.

The requirements are below. Use a form at the bottom of this page to apply for the course. Class is limited to 15 students. You will receive an invitation with further instructions if selected.

By applying to this course, each participant needs to meet these requirements:

  1. Have a minimum set of the equipment (explanation below)
  2. Commitment to take all the assignments. Student will be automatically excluded from the group after second missing assignment.
  3. Have hi-speed internet connection, webcam, and latest non-IE  browser.

Required Equipment:

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with full manual control (exposure/focus) and external flash connectivity and RAW image shooting
  • Macro or semi-macro lens (1:3  – 1:2 or higher magnification)
  • Tripod and remote shutter trigger
  • Minimum three continuous or strobe lights with light modifiers (softboxes and honeycomb grids or snoots). If continuous lights will be used, completely dark studio is required
  • Computer with camera RAW converter and photo edition software (anything you feel comfortable working with).
    All post-production tutorials we’ll provide will be Photoshop-based.

Submission form

 —– Course is filled, starting soon. No more applications can be submitted. ——-


Q: When will the course take place and when is the deadline for applying?

A:  There is no deadline set, we’ll start as soon as I’ll get enough participants.

Q: I am not good with recording the video, but I want to join the group. Can I skip this step?

A:  You have to submit the video if you want to join the course. I am putting a lot of efforts into this course and asking you to put some efforts as well. Honestly,  I do not think I am asking too much in return. Update: If recording a video is completely out of reach for you, text may work. 

Want to learn more about the studio photography equipment? Do not miss our upcoming online course, only few days left:

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10 responses on "Online photo-coaching course: Tabletop Photography for Beginners"

  1. Hello Alex
    i am completely new and have never even used a dlsr, I invested in a Nikon D3100, and I am taking a 101 class at Roswell Community Center (I am an Atlanta native too like you). ONce i complete that 6 weeks introduction to using the DLSR for the first time, i am intrested in learning more from you. My only passion and interest is in product photography and nothing else – i will be running a home goods store (pillows, curtains, towels) as well as leather stationery store (filofax, leather diaries etc) and want to save money constantly hiring a photographer to do my shoot for my website shop but rather to do these shoots myself. Hope you can help me learn. I am a big fan of your work.

  2. We love to take this class but I guess its too late to upload a video? When will it take place again?

    Thank you Alex!


  3. So disappointed not to have uploaded my video in time. Anyway please check it out Alex and if you have a drop out I would love to be involved.


    Thanks, Scott

  4. Alex,

    I am on a MAC and that make it hard for me to have IE Browser how do I get around that. I have skye but no webcam should I buy a small webcam for the class.

    Please give me the some input on this thank you. Before the class.


  5. Алекс, добрый день!
    Прошу зарезервировать для меня место на Вашем курсе.
    Видео о себе и работы пришлю 8 сентября.
    С благодарностью, Виталий.

    • @Vitaly Kardashov, Hey Vitaliy, to register you need to send what is needed, this is it:-) You may even do it in Russian.
      Thank you!

      • Алекс, здравствуйте!
        Я так и не осилил написание текста по-английски, несмотря на изучение английского в школе и институте, а также 21 год жизни в Израиле.
        Благодарен Вам за предоставленную возможность написать о себе по-русски.

        1. Я инженер-механик по профессии и она меня кормит всю жизнь. С 1990 года я занимаюсь фотографией, которая впоследствии стала для меня побочным источником дохода. Сегодня я планирую сделать своим основным видом деятельности именно рекламную фотографию. Здесь меня привлекает студийная съёмка – предметка и ювелирные украшения. На сегодняшний день не вижу в своих снимках ничего, заслуживающего особого внимания, тут посылаю один из них (безо всякой обработки).

        2. Ваш блог и ЖЖ посещаю давно, около года. К сожалению, только смотрю и читаю, поскольку английский на слух не воспринимаю – только текст. Поскольку у самого достаточно глубокие знания в фотографии, вполне понимаю о чём речь и языковый барьер не считаю затруднением для участия в курсе. Буду счастлив возможности в ходе курса задавать Вам письменные вопросы по-русски (ответы могут быть по-английски, чтобы остаться доступными для других участников). Очень впечатлён Вашей изобретательностью в построении setup и результатами впоследствии. Вообще считаю увиденное лучшей иллюстрацией самой сути деятельности фотографа – достижение художественного результата, опираясь на технические знания. Многие другие, даже успешные авторы, часто злоупотребляют методом тыка.

        3. Надеюсь с помощью курса приблизиться к этому уровню. Поскольку поставил себе целью полный уход из успешных инженеров в не менее успешные фотографы, вижу этот курс, как начало пути. Знания, полученные в ходе этого базисного курса, позволят претендовать на участие в последующих.[img][URL=http://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=07d93ec0f766f2f4b6c56a99e302ed3e][IMG]http://s2.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/thumbs/2012/09/07d93ec0f766f2f4b6c56a99e302ed3e.png[/IMG][/URL][/img]

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