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How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r in the Studio

How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r

Hi all: Recently I purchased a Sony A7r 36MP camera.  One question asked is how to shoot tethered with Sony a7R in studio. I made as short video below which gives you a brief synopsis of how I use it in the studio. It’s a great camera that takes really nice images.


Review of the Sony A7r for Studio Environments


 The Shot Taken with the Sony a7R


100% Crop from the image above



Here is my Sony a7R with Nikon lens

How to shoot tethered with Sony a7R

The Review of the Sony a7R for Studio Environments on Vimeo

(for those having trouble viewing on youtube)


   In the Gearbox

Things you will need to have to tether with and use the wifi live view (as mentioned in the video)

3 responses on "How to shoot tethered with Sony A7r in the Studio"

  1. Hi Curtis, great video – thanks. Can you advise what lens adaptor you use for your Nikon lenses on the Sony a7r?

  2. Hi Curtis,

    thanks for your great review.
    I have one question regarding the tethering. Is it sufficient to disconnect the USB cable from the Computer to get into the liveview mode or do you have to unplug it from the USB port of the camera?



  3. Hi! I’m actually shooting in my studio with a Canon 1D X and. 5D MKIII , you believe the quality of this sony is much better? I was wondering if was probably a wise thing to do to get rid of the 5D MKIII and get this Sony with the Canon adapter.


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