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It was a blast: Splash photography masterclass in Atlanta

This Saturday we had our first in-studio masterclass! It was great fun and quite the experience for me:

Alex Koloskov Atlanta Photographer masterclass
Alex Koloskov Atlanta Photographer masterclass


Update: e-videobook is now available for ordering: Download it here!

Details below: We had a five-hour shoot and it was some of the most intense shooting and speaking work I have ever done:-). Here are the things we went through:

  • Technical requirements for action photography: We compared the action-stopping power of PCB AlienBees, PCB Einsteins and Canon Speedlites.
  • Shaping the splash: the techniques I use to form different splashes and the differences in lighting both transparent and non-transparent liquids.
  • Perfume shot: The lighting, composition and the splash. How different splash styles were used to get different effects.
  • How to create artificial milk for better Milky shots.
  • Yogurt and strawberry with a milk splash shot. This was a toughest shot of the day :-)

It was an amazing experience for me and I’ve learned a lot as an instructor. Many thanks to all of the participants, I know you guys had some fun getting used to my accent and pronunciation, but I am sure it was a very interesting class as well. There are not many photographers who will share their knowledge as freely as I do, but you already know this:-)

Must also say that this class won’t be possible without help from Kendrick Disch and Evan Tantum. Thank you so much, guys! You did a great job. It was a pleasure to run a class in such nice studio, thanks to Jerry Burns @ Studioburns for providing the space. Now I have a good reason to move to a larger studio: mine won’t fit all the participants:-)

An eBook with a full-length video from the class with screen-shots and my behind the scenes explanations, will be available for purchase soon. It will also include a post-production workflow for all of the “final” images. Stay tuned; I’ll be posting updates soon.

Few sample images from the class, after a post production:

Liquid splash photography masterclass:

Splash Masterclass outcome by Koloskov
Splash Masterclass outcome by Koloskov
Atlanta workshop liquid photography by Koloskov
Atlanta workshop liquid photography by Koloskov
Milky splash by Alex Koloskov photography workshop atlanta
Milky splash by Alex Koloskov photography workshop atlanta
Milk yogurt strawberry splash photography workshop by alex koloskov-atlanta
Milky yogurt strawberry splash photography workshop by Alex Koloskov Atlanta



   In the Gearbox

Shoot Specification:
Camera gear:

Lighting, light modifiers and accessories:

Exposure specification: shutter speed 1/250 sec, F14-f18, ISO 100


46 responses on "It was a blast: Splash photography masterclass in Atlanta"

  1. I went to London to buy 2pcs of Paul C. Buff Einstein which you recommended.

    It was mutch more (150%) expensive than here:

    So I skipped this purchase…


  2. Oh, and I forgot to ask my most important question.

    What happens if I use one high speed flash to illuminate the dancer, but ordinary flashes to light the background and other items ? Can I see any imperfection ?
    What do you think ?

    Thanks !


  3. Hello Alex !

    Could you clarify me which topic do you mean please ?
    I searched for, but I didn’t met with the right information.

    I started to search for available short flash duration strobes. As I can see: everyone use 580EX and similar flashes, it is rare to find a studio flash. I cannot compare them. Or I just don’t know the right words to search.
    Now I found a hompegae, unfortunately it is not in English.
    Here we can compare 3 differet types.

    Do you know anything about these flashes please ?

    Ciao !


  4. fascinating… I love water and have a lifetime of being in it and near it…. your pictures are beautiful…. inspiring…..

  5. Dear Alex and Friends !

    I am not photographer, this is my hobby, however I am so fantic. :-)
    I have a quite well equipped studio, but till this time I had no special falshes to freeze quick movement.
    I really love your splash photoes, so I decided to start something similar.

    I prepare to work with a famous ballet team, but I wish to set up myself and my studio for this challange. Now I have the chance to try dance and water together with a beautiful multiple world champion dancer.
    My basic problem is: I haven’t special flash, only ordinary studio flashes (250-600W).
    My questions:
    – what are the search words to find a flash which opens the gate into this unique world ?
    – or could you advice some brands and models to compare ?
    – can I combine the rapid one with my old ones in one picture ? (background light, etc.)

    – I need an affordable first step.
    – I live in Europe, we have 220V here instead of 110V. I have a Paul C. Buff ring flash which I ordered so hardly (long story), but it is a problem if it works with 110V only.

    I would be happy if you could recommend some types of flashes or search words, or anything to find a beginner step.

    Thank you !


  6. Hi Alex.
    I would like in the near future to come to a course to you. Until then you follow the blog, learn the secrets revealed to you and put into practice what I learned. Here is another example inspired your posts: http://500px.com/photo/1311370

  7. Hey Alex, Just wondering how the progress is coming along?

  8. Excellent job Alex! I love the idea and the price looks very promising. Just wondering what sort of water are you using a tap, distilled, filtered, sparkling or flat? Skimmed milk or full fat milk which is more denser than other fluids. I’ve seen a shoot of coca-cola bottle surrounded with sparkling coca bubbles I like this one very much, would you be able to do similar shoot? All the best man in the future and I much regret that I can not participate in your mastercalss, cheers!

    • Peter, I was using tap water. No milk at all though. I’ll tell you after masterclass e-videobook will be released :-)
      thank you!

      • @Alex Koloskov, Can’t wait Alex! I just had done 6th attend to subscribe to E-mail list and it was successfully at last! Let me know when you ready :]. I am also looking to get shoot similar to these one http://smartklean.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/ten-facts-about-the-water-we-waste/water-splash-2/ , what you think is is easy enough? Cheers.

        • Peter,
          What happened first 5 attempts? Did you use that “subscribe” line on top or a button on the right? I really need to know if there is an issue with any of these.
          The splash you’ve sent looks relatively easy to do and It looks like a composite image to me: First one is a splash on a tank: just drop something into it and catch the moment.
          A second one is your favorite lake or sea water surface image.. then combine them into o single one.
          Thank you!

      • @Alex Koloskov, A attempt to subscribe for E-mail list to get news and stuff and it always tells me to go to my E-mail space open confirmation email and confirm my subscription, but never get these email on to my box until yesterday when all went ok. Still have no information when getting replays for my comments, I usually have to physically go to your web scroll down to the topic and find my comment. It happen just once when I get replay from one guy I got email notification about it but now, still nothing at all. I should get these information on my E-mail should I?


        • Peter,
          Thank you for the info.
          Yes, you should be getting emails about responses. Will investigate what was wrong. I also have turned off cloudflare, whihc suppose to protect blog, but it looks like it was protecting it from my readers. Still not sure what is going on.
          Will continue to work on this.
          Again, thank you!

      • @Alex Koloskov, This is what I usually get when I hit submit comment:

        Website Currently Unavailable
        The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time.

        If you are the site owner, review the following resource to help resolve the issue.

  9. Hey Alex, Let’s see if you can keep at $100=) What kind of water do you use? Tap,Drinking or Distilled?

  10. How soon are you going to have this video for sale? I’m very interested to see your great work…

  11. Beautiful !
    What a treat ! To maybe exaggerate a little: mind-blowingly beautiful to see the things you have learnd to produce in this masterclass – as I understand.
    What an enormous piece of inspiration this is to me !
    Thank you, thank you, thank you !

    • :-)) Thank you, Arthur.
      When I said that I’ve learned a lot from the class I meant my skills as instructor, not as a photographer: this type of shots I know very well, was working with liquid photography for a while.. But this is my first class where I was instructor.

  12. Alex,

    Absolutely fabulous images. I have the greatest respect for this kind of work. Way beyond my pay grade and skill level for indoor studio work. I went in a whole other direction, and developed my work with outdoor location shooting. I adapt to the elements, and the constantly changing natural light and wind conditions, etc… as well as the issues associated with models.

    Keep up the great work, and share whatever you have. I love being amazed at this quality and the fluidity of what you’ve done here.


  13. Excellent Images! Glad I could help! It was tons of fun and I learned a lot too! Thanks for doing it!

  14. Hello Alex
    I wonder what chance there is for this series of master classes on the splash because for obvious reasons I can not be present in America, and I would be interested in this technique. If you come to Italy let me know


    • Hi Roberto,
      I would definitely travel with my classes one day. But for now I feel like I need to run them locally first.. Just to get use to a process and to improve the whole process.
      Meanwhile you can enjoy the videos from my classes, I am working on a first one right now.
      Thank you!

  15. Wow, This looks amazing, Can’t wait to find more time to try some of this out.

    Have you thought about coming to Australia, it’s nice a warm here in Queensland. :-). Oh did I mention beautiful beaches.

  16. Thank you, Alex, for wonderful work, the Splash Masterclass was amazing and extremely informative, I have learned so much! I had no idea of behind the scenes work involved in splash-liquid photography, and your experience and techniques are high professional. Thank you for providing all the information starting with equipment and ending with all the other gadgets used to create the outstanding splash photo. I look forward to more of your Classes. Thank you! Aiva

  17. With regards to moving to a larger studio – one thing your will find is that it will make cleanup on jobs like his a LOT easier. As always, images with elegance and high style.

  18. Good job again Alex – I’m sure those who attended have learned quite a bit from the behind the scenes GURU that you have become ;)

  19. Hi Alex!!
    If only you had been remotely closer I would have loved to attend this workshop. I’m sure it must have been fantastic to be there with you practicing and learning. I definitely look forward to purchasing the ebook and meeting you in person one day!
    Greetings from Italy

  20. Just want to thanks Alex for very productive and interesting workshop.
    Five hours went as one and lot details of liquid splash photography now came to the light from dark side
    Even if I do not ready to practice splashes today, I finally get answers to dozen of questions about setting light, adjust power and exposure, and so on.
    It was not my first workshop attended, but most productive and “eye opener”.
    I’m looking forward for next class.

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