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Aputure LS 1/2 LightStorm LED Light

Hands-on Review

We received this Aputure LS 1/2 LigthStorm LED light and liked it so much that decided to do a review for Photigy photographers.

This light to be close to hi-end from what’s offered on the market, and there are some features that make it unique.

– – – Images of Aputure Light Storm LED Light – – –


The “light head” unit front


The “light head” unit back panel


Connector on Aputure LightStorm LED head


The power controller unit, bottom (12 V DC)


The power controller unit, top (power to a head)


The power controller unit, back (battery connector plate)


Connected system (120VAC power supply in a separate unit)


Radio remote for Aputure LightStrom LED

– – – Pros – – –

Lightweight and compact design of the head
Separated power pack for easy access
Lots of lumens in a compact form factor
Wide angle (120°) light spread

– – – Cons – – –

Price? around $500 USD

On Youtube: Aputure LightStorm LS 1/2w LED light hand-on review

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