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Bracket holder for hot-shoe flashes and other light modifiers

In this video you’ll know how to use on-camera flashes (speedlites, hot-shoe flashes) in product photography. Many people have small and powerful instruments like speedlites. A lot of different light modifiers are available on the market nowadays. And most of them are suitable with speedlites.

It’s easy to put reflectors, stripboxes, softboxes and many other things to your small flash and use it like studio strobe. With huge expansion of affordable hot-shoe flashes it’s easy to build home studio on a budget almost for everyone. I’ll explain what accessories you’ll need. If you didn’t know where to start, this video is exactly what you need.

I provide few links where you can get equipment which I mentioned in video. You can contact with me if you have any issues or questions about these gear.

(In most cases chinese sellers provide free international shipping. Contact with seller to clarify that moment)
In addition to what I said earlier in video about gels. I recommend to check that set of gels which you are going to buy contains CTO and CTB filters.
They will provide accurate color shift. Let’s say you want to change color temperature of your flash from 5500K to 4500K. For this purpose you just put 1/4 CTO. Maybe you want to create an effect of setting sun. For this purpose you can attach 1/2 CTO to you flash. Originally conversion filters are designed for matching light source with different color temperature. But you can use them more creatively.



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