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High-end Jewelry Photography

Workshop #60

Hi-end Jewelry Photography Workshop

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, workshop #60

An integral part of product photography, especially small products such as jewelry, is using the right prop. The right prop not only enhances the shot but also adds that little bit of magic which brings the whole shot together. Yes, of course, the product (which in this particular case is the jewelry) is the focus of the image, but the props assume a place of importance too in the whole scheme of things.

In this workshop, Alex demonstrates how you can use different props and some very inexpensive ones to enhance your jewelry photography.

No jewelry photography can be complete without proper lighting and herein is the beauty of this tutorial. It also gives you a good idea of how to set up your lights. The most essential aspect is to make sure the product/jewelry look great and to do that you have to get the product, the lighting, and the prop absolutely spot on.

This workshop will help you to get a strong insight into the process of creating excellent jewelry photography. Even if you are already doing product photography/jewelry photography this video will help you fine-tune your skill sets and take it to the next level.

High end Jewelry Photography

High-end Jewelry Photography Video Tutorial

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Hi-end Jewelry Photography
Hi-end Jewelry Photography
Hi-end Jewelry Photography

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