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High-Speed Splash Photography


Workshop #64

Hi-speed Splash Photography


This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, workshop #64

Hi-speed flash photography is a specialized genre. There are a lot of creative applications for this technique. Most importantly in product photography but also in other genres. Unfortunately, this photography technique is not easily mastered. You need the right tools and a good understanding of how to work with those tools. The most important thing that you need to employ is the right technique. And that is exactly what Alex Koloskov addresses in this workshop.

The workshop is split between the actual set-up process, an explanation of the camera settings used as well as the technique that is involved in making these images. To sum up it covers the important aspects of setting up the shot, using the correct props and the background. It also covers the critical lighting aspect, the positioning of the lights as well as how to adjust their power to obtain the perfect look. In that sense this video covers all facets of Hi-speed splash photography. Everything that you need to know in order to get started.

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The actual shooting process is way more complicated than what appears in the final images. It requires several shots, using trial and error method, fine tuning after each shot before retaking it. This can go on for some time so you need to have patience as you attempt this. But once you get a hang of the things the results will start to tumble in.

There is more to product photography than the actual shooting part. A lot can happen during post-production. As a matter of fact this is where the magic really happens. As a bonus we have also made a second video which is like a follow up of Workshop # 64, but solely focused on the critic review part of your submissions for the workshop.

If you missed the live workshop don’t fret. As a pro club member, you can now watch the entire workshop, plus the critic review session with Alex at your leisure. Not a Pro Club member yet? You can join now for only $58.17/mo ($698 billed annually). Go ahead and give yourself the best Christmas gift.


Hi-speed Splash Photography

High-speed Splash Photography Video Tutorial

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