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Large Format Cameras in Action:

Studio Product Photography Tutorial

Large Format Cameras are inconvenient, bulky and a very slow to work with. They also cost a lot and have a very limited use… everywhere except a studio of a product photographer. Large format cameras (monorail cameras) can do wonders in situations where most cameras and lenses (even tilt-shift) will fail.

The key is an extreme amount of possible tilt/shift/skew movements with any lens, and on any magnification level (i.e. any lens can be turned into a macro lens) large format cameras provide.

This was one of the shots where large format camera was very useful. In this premium photography tutorial, you’ll find a step-by-step behind the scene of shooting these two images you see below. Each shot was not possible without large format camera, and you will see how I’ve used my Cambo Ultima D monorail camera to get these shots of Norelco shaver.

You will also learn how to capture subject self-illumination (useful for any electronic devices) without doing a composite image, in a single click.


Large Format Camera in Action: Studio Product Photography Tutorial


Large Format Camera in Action: BTS Video


Few shots which did not make to a post-production, “as-is” from the camera

   In the Gearbox

Camera: Cambo Ultima D
Digital Back: Leaf Aptus 75
Lens: Rodenstock 45mm f/4.5 Apo-Sironar
Lighting: Broncolor Grafit A2/A4 packs and Pulso heads
Light Modifiers: Westcott Diffusers, PCB softboxes, Fresnel Lens Spots, etc
Studio support/grip: See my B&H wish list

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