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Light Painting Photography:

First Experience with Broncolor Light Brush

A few days ago I got a Broncolor Light Brush, and this is my hands-on video review, where I demonstrate one of the ways to use Light Painting Photography in a commercial studio.

There are many cool examples of light painting using flashlights or fire outdoors, but I want to show you the possibilities of using light painting photography in commercial studio projects.
The biggest advantage of this particular light brush from Broncolor is that it is basically a strobe light, and the color temperature matches other Broncolor strobe lights. It opens a whole new world of uses in the studio for product shots.

This is my first “hands-on” review of the Broncolor Light Brush, and soon I am going to show you some more serious and more advanced tutorials on how the light painting technique can be utilized in studio product photography.


The end result of the Light Painting Photography shot demonstrated above:

Second video of Light Painting Photography (Sunflower)


The end result of the shot demonstrated above:


Third video of Light Painting Photography (chair on white)

Here is your video where I’ve combined strobe and Light Brush in one shot, making this chair shot with almost no post-production!

The end result of the shot demonstrated above:

BTW, this is a single exposure shot 🙂

This is what the Broncolor Light Brush looks like:

   In the Gearbox

camera: Hasselblad H1
lens: Hasselblad HC 80mm F2.8
exposure: 30sec F14
software: Capture One Pro

P.S Here are a few more shots including a “selfie” done with one exposure with the light painting photography technique:

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