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Making a Composite: Part 3 –

Final Retouching & Sharpening

Hey guy’s. Josh Geiger here. This is the final part of this Movado watch composite tutorial. In Part 1, we used masks to composite four frames to create one single image. We then used adjustment layers to selectively brighten or darken areas of the watch. In the Part 2, we used the pen tool to clip the watch out, and created a custom background for the image. In this video, we’re going to use the healing brush tool and another trick to clean up the watch and remove any dust or smudges.

     What This Video Will Cover     

Healing Brush Tool

Learn how to use the healing brush in multiple modes.


Dust and Scratches

Learn how to use the Dust and Scratches Effect to speed up your cleaning process.


Apply Proper Sharpening

How and when to apply sharpening for best results.


Before and after the retouching of this image

Course for newcomers

Certification Program