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Silverware Photography:

Behind the scene video

This was our shot for a PHOTIGY Live assignment called “Funny Silverware“. The result and BTS are below. I’ve decided to switch from boring tutorial-like BTS videos to a more interesting and funny hi-speed compilations.

The final silverware shot

Silverware Photography
Those who is looking for the info on how the shot was done will be able to find it, as I have a full lighting setup captured. However, such funny video alone will be more likely shared (check out our “How Google was made” BTS viede: over 25K views combined in a few days with no single world in it!) .
More detailed and advanced videos and tutorials is posted on  “Pro Corner” of Photigy

We found ourselves leaning more and more towards educational side of photography: We like to create tutorials much more than to shoot for a client.s This means we’ll be concentrating on producing hi-quality lessons and tutorials for a Pro Corner and Photigy online store, and will be doing more interesting and funny stuff here.


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