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Tutorial of Retouching of a Whisky Bottle:

From Plain to Dramatic look

In this tutorial you will learn how the image of Whisky Bottle for Pro Corner Challenge #1 was created

     Before and After Image by Ilya Plotnikov     


Retouching of a Whisky Bottle (Pro Challenge #1) – Critique and Review


Below are the submissions we received and reviewed during our online critique session on Photigy LIVE.

Each submission below was reviewed by Ilya Plotnikov and improvements were suggested.

You can view each submitted image on the Pro Corner forum topic here:

CHALLENGE  #1 (Note: you must be logged in to your Pro Club account to access this forum)


Critique & Review, and winner selection webinar

Host(s): Alex Koloskov and Ilya Plotnikov

Student’s Submissions

Course for newcomers

Certification Program