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Studio Strobes Test: Elinchrom vs Einstein vs Broncolor. Which one gives you the most stopping power?

This is the third part of the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX test (read the first part and second part), and this time I’ve compared them to the Paul C Buff Einsteins and Broncolor studio strobes. The Idea was to see how these studio strobes can stop action in liquid photography.


The video below is quite long and detailed, so do not expect to be entertained :-) I’ve used a Broncolor Grafit A4 power pack and two Pulso 4 flash heads (one 3200Ws another 1600Ws). The camera was a Hasselblad H1 with a leaf Aptus 75 DB, shutter set to 1/200 sec to equalize this camera to 35mm DSLR
The Hasselblad has an x-sync of 1/800sec, but it does not make any difference in this test.

The Elinchrom was used only for the first test at low power (which was the max for “speed head B” of Elins), 132 Ws. The rest  of the test was run between the PCB Einstein and Broncolor.


Studio Strobes Test: Elinchrom vs Einstein vs Broncolor

Studio Strobes test results


First Round: Low Power (130-150WS)


Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX at F12 (1/5800 sec t.5):

studio strobes test

100% crop: Great Stopping power but too shallow DOF to get splashes in a focus:




Paul C Buff Einstein at 150WS (1/4600  sec t.1):


Frozen action, great stopping power:



Broncolor Grafit A4 with Pulso Head (1/4000 sec t.1):



Same as PCB lights, great stopping power:




Second Round: Mid power shot, 200WS

No Elinchroms here, it can only run 132 Ws max for head B (fast head)


Broncolor Grafit A4 with Pulso Head (1/3000 sec t.1):






Paul C Buff Einstein (1/3300 sec t.1) :





Third round: Hi power shot, 320Ws



Paul C Buff Einstein (1/2000 sec t.1):





Broncolor Grafit A4 with Pulso Head (1/2300 sec t.1):






Bonus Round: Super-Hi power shot, 500Ws


Broncolor Grafit A4 with Pulso Head (1/1500 sec t.1):






The Elinchrom is great, but if you need the most of stopping power for your buck, get the Paul C Buff Einsteins.

For the most quality, reliability and power, functionality and prestige, and the best way to write off your profit, get the Broncolor strobes :-).

Studio Strobes Test: Elinchrom vs Einstein vs Broncolor, where most stopping power?

11 responses on "Studio Strobes Test: Elinchrom vs Einstein vs Broncolor. Which one gives you the most stopping power?"

  1. Hello
    What about Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500/1000 with Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS . Flash duration is ELC 500 – 1/5000s, ELC 1000 – 1/5260s, (t0,5) .And we can use trigger Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS for even shorter time about 1/8000s

    Alex Could you make test for us ?

    Best regards

  2. Ok I watch the video again, and, you right on the video, that elinchrom has the speedest flash at full power, that you made a mistake in the test.
    So… I imagine that considering this mistake, the elinchrom is very cool to freeze action because, if you tried it at full power, you could shoot at F18 or more cause you could have more power for speed flash too?

    Is my question clear lol? :)

    Ok, thank you very much :)

    • Remi,
      Answering your question ” the elinchrom is very cool to freeze action ?”:
      Yes and No.
      No: At full power on a “fast” B head (shortest flash duration) it will give you only 132Ws, which is not much. with Einstein you can shoot at 200Ws form each head.
      Yes: You can freeze action with elichnrom at full power, which is cool. If you shoot fashion and other stuff outdoors and need battery powered pack, this Eninchrom is a greta choice.. and occasionally you can freeze liquids.
      But if you are going to shoot primarily in studio and work with liquids, there are better options for you at #2000 price range..

  3. Hi,

    Alex, I have a question :)

    I really can’t understand what interest can I have to buy broncolor strobes… It’s soooooo expensive, like 5 times more than paul c buff. Or 3 times more than elinchrom.

    So why is it? And why should I spend so much money, it does exactly the same job than Einstein right? What does it brings more? Because if it’s only for using broncolor light diffuseur, there’s always adaptative rings no?

    I really don’t understand :)

  4. While different in many ways, primarily for the comparison it’s the total output, these might give you a shorter flash duration when they become available in Nov or Dec.


    They are also designed to be attached to each other so you can double the output by just putting two into whatever modifier you’re using.

    Since this is a product that’s not out yet it’s not possible to test it in your environment or under the test conditions you setup.

    Still keep these in mind to look into some time in the future.

    Bill F

  5. Talk about “bang for your buck”…I have had mine for near 35 years…a little cleaning here and there, and they just keep going !!

  6. Has anyone have anything to say as far as a comparison to Speedotron Blackline?

  7. There’s also the Ranger X of elinchrom, that is 3x more powerful, for very less more money:


    Especially for europeen, and french photographers…. because Einsteins are very expensive here, and broncolor…. well…. not affordable at all…

    There is not a lot of solution for us, pour french photographer :( And speedlites are just a temporaly solution

  8. Yeah, I can imagine 100% – PCB doesn’t have much modifiers that are all that interesting agreed.

  9. Lol, funny how you end it… so is this why you’re investing into Broncolor? ;) hehehe too much profit Alex! :)

    PCB have been sufficient for my studio needs so far…. should I need better for what we do, then invest I will!

    • Vadim,
      It was not exactly the reason for me :-)) But yes, there is a huge room for writing off your profit if you go with Broncolor.
      I just love what I can do with optical attachments and other light mods for Bron which I was not able to use with Einsteins…

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