The Making of Google: Happy birthday, Google Plus!

Happy Birthday, Google Plus!

This is our (mine and +Genia Larionova‘s) gift for Google Plus 1st Year Anniversary.
We truly love G+, this is the only social network where we feel home. Here we found so many friends, meet like-minded people, and created interesting and fast growing community of studio photographers.
I can say that Google Plus has changed our lives in so many ways, and opened possibilities which were not existed before.

I was blogging to several years, and only on Google plus I found the social network which has the best mix of features done right way.
Thank you  +Google+  team for such a great job, thank you everyone who we meet here and who supported us!


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About The Author: Alex Koloskov

The lighting magician, owner of AKELstudio, Inc.

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9 comments to The Making of Google: Happy birthday, Google Plus!

  • Hey Doll

    That’s cool except that it’s posted on Vimeo instead of YouTube.

  • Eslam El Deknawy

    the first time i see this photo , i thought “google” made in one snapshot
    but after watching Your video ah i can understand now it’s a lot of shots alot of pieces

    i feel good now because i understand how can u do it
    thanx Mr.alex for ur nice explain

  • Dovelyn Richmond

    Hey Alex your site has been a real eye. Your work is phenomenal and the liquid Google is an extension of that. Quick question though what was triggering the trigger trap? was it the sound of the liquid leaving the container?

  • Jeremy

    I knew you had something to do with that when I first saw it, I have gotten to the point where i can notice your work by sight alone. You have a special touch that just stands out and if you have studied your work like I have then when you seen one of your pieces right away I can say that is Alex at work. I’m sure Google loved the shot. And like you Google+ is also the only social networking site I have found that feels like home to me as well. because its got a wonderful collection of talented people that are also quite friendly. Also they keep improving G+ and making it better and better.

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