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Advanced Clipping in Photoshop

Advanced Clipping in Photoshop

If you do photography then it’s likely that you’d need to clip hundreds if not thousands of images every year and it’s better to learn the right way of doing it. As sooner as better.

You will learn to:
• Use Pen Tool
• Use Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys during the process
• How to make smooth nice curves with clipping path

11 responses on "Advanced Clipping in Photoshop"

  1. hi , I’m not sure if it’s only me but I am finding this incredibly hard to follow and I do have a good basic knowledge. It looks like you are using keyboard shortcuts without saying what you are doing and then I can’t work out what you’ve done….. At 15.15 (time) you go from your path to layers where you click onto ‘new layer’ , saying you have a perfect clipping path (I think you dragged your selection from paths to layers ??), then you click onto ‘new layer’ and what you get is not what I get ….. you get something that looks like your original layer, I’m getting a ‘new layer’ that has no image in it and just the ’empty pixel looking thing’ – (white and grey checks). I have replayed and replayed for 40 mins now and can not work it out. Please help ! and if you don’t mind, for the likes of people like me, in future really make it clear what you are doing. Is it only me that finds you hard to follow ??

    • Hi Jillian,

      It was one of my first and likely hard to understand tutorials. Also at the time my screen capture program couldn’t capture and show key shortcuts so I totally get you.

      When I go from my path to layers I drag and drop the image layer to New Layer icon to copy it. The other way to copy a layer is to select it and click Ctrl+J (Cmd+J).

      Before that I’m making a selection from the path I created. When you have a path completed you need to hold a Ctrl (Cmd) key and click on your path. It’ll create a selection with a shape of your path.

      If you have any issues with understaning me in any other videos please feel free to send me a personal message or post a question in comments. By the way, I sent you a couple messages, you’ll find them in the inbox.

      All the best,

  2. Very helpful lesson of Pen Tool, now I can do more better backgrounds, thanks a lot !!!

  3. Great, tutorial.
    Time to practice pen tool!

  4. very informative, highly detailed subject shown, now I feel any things possible. great !

  5. Brilliant stuff, nicely worked tutorial, thanks a lot!

  6. Great tutorial, Ilya! Gaussian Blur kinda old-school method, you also can just double click on a mask to open mask’s properties (in PS CC, not sure about older versions) and feather it.

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