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Amazing Dry Ice Effect, Workshop #59

Amazing Dry Ice Effect

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, workshop #59

Alex is back with yet another Pro Club workshop. Workshop #59 involves shooting a liquor bottle and some special dry ice effect. The video is a rare insight into how you set up a shot like this, light it, use unusual props and then build the shot inch by inch.

This workshop also details how you can precisely position your lights and your diffusers, how and when use dry ice to get the desired effect. It is literally a step by step process because every adjustment of the lights and the diffusers help you to fine-tune the final look (and the mood) of the image.

This tutorial will reveal how you can play around with the lights, position them so that you can precisely control the areas where the light has the maximum impact. You will also be able to control the shape and the quality of the reflections (the highlights).

Hopefully, answer all your questions on lighting and photographing products like liquor bottles and glasses.

Happy shooting!

the Final Image

Photigy Pro Club 59

BTS Images

The Workshop

Post-production Tutorial

Assignment Submission

Submit your image for the review and critique on the forum. Note: Pro Corner membership is required to participate in this assignment
Submit your shot for a review

Submissions for Workshop #59

Critique and Review session with Alex Koloskov


“I have learned so much in such a short time, I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to learn all I did without photigy!”

“You are wonderful. I wish I found Photigy years ago. I don’t feel so alone any longer in my struggle with learning about jewelry photography.”

“Let me just start off by saying you are an AWESOME TEACHER your tutorials are BOMB dude! I have learned so much from watching you it’s truly awesome.”

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