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Photigy Online Workshop: Perfume Bottle with Liquid Splash

Instructor: Alex Koloskov and Genia Larionova

Splash-webinar3708-as-Smart-Object-1This course – Online Workshop: Perfume Bottle with Liquid,  is an online workshop aimed at professional product photographers who want to enhance their skills and learn how to add value to their product work through the use of liquid splash techniques.

In this workshop, instructor Alex Koloskov will take you through step-by-step instructions on how to create the shot on the left. You will start with the set up and go through the photographic techniques used to create the splashes and work all the way through the post production to create an image that you will be proud to display in your portfolio or hand over to a client.

This course is divided into two main areas – the first is the workshop that was done in the studio. This was originally shot as a live two + hour workshop  where Alex went through each step in creating the image.

First the bottle was shot by itself to create the base image. Then the bottle was repositioned and shot to capture the splashes hitting the bottle. Finally, independent splashes were captured to be added during post production.commercial-splash-photograhy-onlice-course


The second part of this workshop is the post production where you will learn how to put it all together using Adobe Photoshop to combine the base image, integrate the bottle splash, and then the independent splashes.

You will also learn how to color correct for each of the variations and finish up by cleaning everything up to make it production ready.

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Course Breakdown:

Total Running Time: 3hr 50min

Level: Advanced

Part 1: Live Workshop: – 2hr 15min –

  • Introduction and Description of the Goals of the Workshop: - 4:25

    In this short video, Alex walks you through the goals for this workshop and how he plans to proceed. This includes the setup and the intent to capture three styles of shots for this composition – the bottle, the bottle with splashes, and the splashes alone.


  • Setting Up The Shot: - 17:04

    This video shows you how to set up the basics for this product shot. Here you will see how the lighting is set up and how to diagnose some gradient issues on the shiny part of the cap of the perfume bottle.


  • DYI Light Modifiers to Enhance Your Shot: - 19:00

    In this video, Alex shows you how to use a do-it-yourself, custom made diffuser so that you can get a bright center on the perfume cap without the distracting reflections of the camera. You will also learn other tricks to improve on the look of the bottle as a whole.


  • Perfume Bottle Splash Setup: - 18:13

    Here you will see how to set up the perfume bottle for capturing the splash shots. Care now has to be taken to protect your gear from the water (or whatever liquid you may use) and yet still be able to get the shot. The bottle is no longer the main point of the shot. It is the capturing of the splash that is critical and so you now you will see how to use a trigger to trip the camera a just the right time to catch the splash at its peak moment. You will also see how important the flash duration is in eliminating blur in your motion.


  • Perfume Bottle Splash Capture: - 30:43

    This video continues with the capturing of the splash on the perfume bottle providing you with in depth instruction on freezing high-speed liquid in motion.


  • Capturing Splash Independant of the Bottle: - 27:19

    The splash capture in this video is independent of the perfume bottle. The goal here is to capture additional images that can be used to enhance your image. Here you will see in more detail Alex’s techniques for creating splash, including wrist motion and the use of different containers for different effects.


  • Conclusion and Questions and Answers: - 19:01

    Alex breaks down all of the items that took place in the workshop and talks about various ways for you to get started in splash photography. Since this was a live broadcast, he also answers questions from the online participants.


Part 2: Post Production: – 1hr 35min

  • Evaluating the Photoset and Initial Processing: - 30:40

    In this video retoucher Genia Larionova views the images that were taken during the workshop and selects candidates for use in the final product. Once the selection is made, she begins work in Adobe Camera Raw to perform the initial editing. She then shows how to open the file as a Smart Object . From there she begins to merge bottle splashes with the main bottle image.


  • Clean Up: - 15:56

    This video looks at cleaning up problem spots on the bottle caused by dust, scratches, and spots. You also see how to cut the bottle out from the background to get a clean object for use in the rest of the post production.


  • Finalizing the Composite: - 49:10

    Here Gina takes the cutout bottle and merges it with the splash version of the bottle. The goal here is to make the perfect image of a clean bottle with lettering clearly visible yet retain the illusion of the splash engulfing it in a natural way. You will also see how to match the two color shades of the bottle and the splash and other finalizing clean up.



  • When I have a question or trouble getting a shot, can I ask the instructor for help?

    – Yes! As a course student, you will be a part of a private group and forum, where you can ask the instructor any question and/or post your results for review. We encourage you to participate in this group!

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Advertising Liquid and Splash Photography Workshop - the final image

Course Curriculum

Part 1: Live Workshop
Introduction and Goals of the Workshop 00:05:00
Setting Up The Shot 00:17:00
DYI Light Modifiers to Enhance Your Shot 00:19:00
Perfume Bottle Splash Setup 00:18:00
Perfume Bottle Splash Capture 00:31:00
Capturing Splash Independant of the Bottle 00:27:00
Conclusion and Questions and Answers 00:19:00
Part 2: Post Production
Evaluating the Photoset and Initial Processing 00:31:00
Clean Up 00:17:00
Finalizing the Composite 00:49:00

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  1. It was great!


    Alex, thank you very much for the course! After buying me a set of splashes, this course was necessary for me. Thanks for the detailed explanation and the workshop submission! Good luck to you and your team!
    P.S … sorry for my English

  2. Informative and Fun


    Really enjoyed that. Was beginning to feel disinterested in photography but Alex opens the doors and windows on interesting techniques and new found enthusiasm. Thanks Alex, awesome course, great site.

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