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Dior Creme Shot: In-Development Preview

Dior Creme Shot: In-Development Preview

We worked on a creative shot for Dior creme and in this video I show and explain the splash part of the shot. I also talk about the complete concept for the shot, so you’ll understand why we need these kinds of splashes. Below is a draft of what we were trying to achieve:

Dior creme splash draft

Let me know if you have any question, I’ll be glad to discuss it with our Splash Masters ;-)

All the best,

4 responses on "Dior Creme Shot: In-Development Preview"

  1. Good one alex. could you please explain the post processing technique especially for this shot.

  2. simple idea, but excellent thought where to get consistent results.

    and with the tethering have you thought about just using a X wifi card just to be able to preview the files

    • Thank you Martin.
      No, I did not consider using X wifi, after reading the speeds. USB is much faster, plus, I have PC few feet away from a camera. But you are right, if I would have X wifi card handy, it might be worth to use it while usb is not working.

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