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Dramatic In-Camera Backgrounds in commercial product photography: Pro Club Assignment #44

Dramatic In-Camera Backgrounds in commercial product photography

This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, assignment #44

The Final Image

Dramatic In-Camera Backgrounds

Best Submission – photo by Maja

Dramatic In-Camera Backgrounds in commercial product photography

Work from Pro Club members followed this tutorial


“I have learned so much in such a short time, I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to learn all I did without photigy!”

“You are wonderful. I wish I found Photigy years ago. I don’t feel so alone any longer in my struggle with learning about jewelry photography.”

“Let me just start off by saying you are an AWESOME TEACHER your tutorials are BOMB dude! I have learned so much from watching you it’s truly awesome.”

9 responses on "Dramatic In-Camera Backgrounds in commercial product photography: Pro Club Assignment #44"

  1. Did not see a notice about the review. Is the review video posted somewhere?

  2. Hi Alex

    I heard in the resent Friday Phototalk, that the assignment #44 review would be this monday, but I haven’t received a notification yet. By mistake I did have 2 different e-mail adresses in your system, and asked to be removed from your mailing list with one of them (in order not the get the same e-mail twice). Please check that the e-mail in my account, is still active (It looks like it), so I don’t miss important information.

    Looking forward to the review ;0)

  3. Hi Alex, could you please tell me when the review will take place?

  4. Finally, Subscribed your channel, Alex! Because of your gorgeous talent and procedure of Product Photography.

  5. Hello Alex,

    I have one small issues and not sure how to resolve it without composite shot.

    Problem: The refraction at the very bottom of the bottle (right side) from the opposite left side light.

    What I tried: If I move the diffuser+strip box to the front a little the refraction goes away, But then there is a bigger gap in the bottle where the gradient starts which is not nice.

    If I move the diffuser to the back then I solve the problem of the narrow gap where the gradient starts in the bottle, But then the refraction on the right side comes back.

    Any advise on how to solve this problem

    Thanks in advance


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