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How to photograph glass on a white background out from a camera

How to photograph glass on a white background out from a camera

Questions and Answers:  Glass vase shot on a white background


It was a question from one of our community photographers, Suzanne  about how to photograph a glass vase, and particularly on a white background.

I’ve recorded my answer on video, and then went back and created another one, so we got two parts here: In the first part there is an explanation of what wasn’t right with Suzanne’s lighting setup and a basic technique on how to photograph glass in studio.

In the second part I went a little deeper into the technique and showed how to get 100% white (255 RGB) background right from the camera, without any post-production.

First video: How to approach glass photography in studio 

Second Video: How to photograph glass on a pure white background out from a camera:


This is unedited (except RAW conversion) photo of that glass pterodactyl :) on a complete white (255RGB) background.
Notice the dark edges around the subject, this prevents clear glass to be soaked by white overexposed background. All done in the camera, no post-production.

 how to photograph glass on white background

P.S Who needs a bird? :-)

How to photograph glass on a white background


5 responses on "How to photograph glass on a white background out from a camera"

  1. How wide is white back drop. I caught the part about allowing dark reflection around subject.

  2. Great post BUT it looks more like a rooster to me. I say that because I am a licensed pterodactyl hunter! (a weekend occupation only)

  3. I love your tutorials and twitter feed, Alex. I’m actually shooting white cotton fuzzy crocheted hats right now on a white background – so I’m currently watching your vid to see if I could be doing it better and isolating the fur more. I’ve also followed your lead and begun doing tutorials on my own site. Thanks!

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