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“It is all about coffee” – (Assignment #18) – Critique and Review

“It is all about coffee” – Editorial style image – Pro Corner Assignment Results

Below are the submissions we received and reviewed during our online critique session on Photigy LIVE.

Each photo below was reviewed and improvements were suggested, based on how it was photographed and  what the photographer had at his/her disposal for the shot. Check out lighting setups and behind the scenes descriptions for each image on the Pro Corner forum topic here:

ASSIGNMENT #18 (Note: you must be logged in to your Pro Corner account to access this forum)

Winners of the Assignment #18 - best 3 images

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!

1st Place - photo by Bob Shaw

2nd Place - photo by James Shannon

3rd Place - photo by Nicklas Bågvinge

Assignment Submissions Gallery

Review and Critique Online Webinar

Every submission for the assignment receives such feedback. Learn more about Photigy Pro Corner interactive program below:

Pro Corner Membership Required

To watch this video, please login or join Pro Corner

Pro Corner is an Interactive photography learning program oriented for professional photographers

The next assignment will be posted soon. look for updates on Pro Corner:  Interactive Photography Learning Program (Pro Corner)

Watch the tutorial for this assignment (click on the image below):

“It is all about coffee” – Editorial style image

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  1. Thank you Alex. I learned a lot.
    Great lesson as always.

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