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Jewelry Post Production tutorial

Jewelry Post Production tutorial: detailed technique of cleaning and polishing jewelry in Photoshop

A detailed video tutorial of jewelry Post Production where you can see my post production workflow.
I use mainly the Photoshop CS6 tools such as Brush, clone stamp and healing brush tool. I also use some simple photoshop actions for desaturation and sharpen and Topaz plugin. I should mention that I use a Wacom Intuos4 tablet for post production.

Jewelry photography: before and after of Post-Production

 Jewelry Post Production tutorial -UnprocessedJewelry Post Production tutorial



Jewelry Post Production tutorial video


The Final Image

Jewelry Post Production tutorial


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13 responses on "Jewelry Post Production tutorial"

  1. Очень качественный сайт для самобучения! Но в данном примере кольцо “До” , вероятно снято заведомо грязное и не в фокусе! Я специализируюсь на съемке ювелирке и подобный кадр считал бы сразу браком!

  2. Thank you!

  3. If you would have done a Google on Jewelry Cleaning you would have saved soooooooo much time, by cleaning the ring BEFORE you shot it.

    • Time, that’s not the point. The point is to show what you can do in post production on a ring. Anyone who shoots wedding photography will sooner or later come across a bride’s ring that is not cleaned, yet they want a close up photo of it.

  4. Thank you for share your talent and knowledge.

  5. Thank you Marios,
    Great video.
    Hugs from Brazil.

  6. Charles, Thank you very much for this information!!

  7. Thank you !!!!!!!! :-)

  8. Thank you for a great video. Can you explain how you set up for the white background ? Thank you

  9. Thanks for providing. Video is a great help to us “newbies”. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you Marios,
    Great video. Your generosity with your information is truly appreciated.
    To assist you and others;
    The gold or platinum settings do not oxidize. The black spotting shown on the white metal setting is most likely polishing rouge residue left after the jeweler polishes the metal. Ask the supplying jeweler to steam or ultrasound clean jewelry before leaving it for shooting. This is a common concern when dealing with bench work jewelers that I have run into many times over 35 years. Should the next diamond ring arrive with dirt attached, try soaking for an hour in ammonia and then wash off in water. Not as much time or work will be left in PS.

  11. Thank you ;)

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