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Cosmetic Photography: Lancome Mascara and Liquid Drops

Cosmetic Photography: Lancome Mascara and Liquid Drops

Commercial Cosmetic Photography: Lancome Mascara and Liquid Drops

This is a quick walk-through for the cosmetic photography Lancome shot you see right below:

The Lancome Shot – Commercial cosmetic photography

Commercial cosmetic photography

Studio Photography insights G+ Hangout with photographer Dave Nitsche

Photo Shoot specification:

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18 responses on "Cosmetic Photography: Lancome Mascara and Liquid Drops"

  1. Wow ! Love it…thank you for sharing this. I’m inspired…will try to do something similar for practice :-)

  2. Hi Alex. First of all let me just say what a wonderful shot! I love the shallow water work you do on black glass. Is it possible for you to post what kind of putty you use to waterproof the edge of the glass?

    • David,
      I’ve used some putty from a construction store, I think it was for windows/bathtubs insulation. It is a roll of putty separated by thin plastic film. BTW, other day I’ve used kids play dough (sort of putty), and it worked just fine. The the other day I;ve used double-sided thick tape, wrapped the shooting table glass around, and it holds 2-3 mm of water..
      SO, almost anything sticky will work:-)
      thank you!

  3. Hi Alex!
    Great tutorial, THANK YOU!!
    I have a question for you.
    There is a blue trim ring on the mascara, below the cap. Wanted to ask why did you decide not to keep it blue?
    because it will be a destruction from the rest…?

    Best regards,

  4. wow !! Alex your blog is a minefield of knowledge. Every topic I go through shows a different side of lighting. You are so inspirational. BTW I wonder how many hours you put in to photography.

    Best Rgds


  5. Hi Alex,

    What is the size of these strip softbox you used here ?

    Many thanks

  6. Thanks Alex… at some point I may be in the market for a macro and I’ve seen another pro shoot the 180. Keep up the great tuts and sharing. You’re a great inspiration.


  7. Alex, great tut as always. Very detailed. Can I ask if you’re using a macro lens when making these images? 180? 100?

    Thanks in advance,


  8. Really loved the hangoutconversation with Dave…
    What an amazing shot(shots)…Again and again I get triggered by you to look beyond 1 or 2 shots to get a composition done.
    Sharing your techniques is highly appreciated.
    Thanks and have a great weekend

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