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Behind The Scene: “The Magic of Water” beauty shot

This is a video we got recorded from this beauty shot:

Thee magic of water beauty splash photography by koloskov


Want to explain what was going on:

First we thought to shoot a completely separate shots of the model and a splash and combine them into one composition in post. But when started, we have decided to do all in one shot: the model and the splash. To see how it worked, watch the video:-)

Below is what use to be 40+ minute photoshot, compressed in 11min.

The post production part was quite extensive, as we formed a water ball from the pieces you see below.
Post Production assembly pieces

Post production


Beauty shot - after post-production


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7 Responses on Behind The Scene: "The Magic of Water" beauty shot"

  1. Profile photo of worarit worarit says:

    How to do a ball Alex Koloskov Thank you

  2. Super cool! Thanks for sharing.

  3. hahaha thats right Barbara. There’s a fece in that one.

  4. Igor says:

    Great video Alex:)

  5. Rengaraja Thangavel says:

    Great Effort for the nice Shot.

  6. Barbara Karnes says:

    Did anyone else notice that one of the photos (shown at approx. 9:52m into vid), has a face-like image in the water that closely resembles the photographer? See side by side…

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