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Matching Natural Camera Grain for Retouching

Learn how to create and match the natural camera grain in your images for spotless retouching

Matching Natural Camera Grain for Retouching

In this short video Joshua Geiger will teach you about matching natural camera grain for retouching. You will be shown how to use Smart Objects, Dust & Scratches, Noise & Blur to perfectly match the natural grain (or noise) in your image so that you don’t end up with a blotchy surface after removing dust, dirt & grime.

This is especially important for any images which appear in the outside world in a fairly large format or anywhere others might pixel peep your final images.

Matching Natural Camera Grain for Retouching

Full Tutorial Video

Matching Natural Camera Grain for Retouching

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14 responses on "Matching Natural Camera Grain for Retouching"

  1. Profile photo of manfred muschke

    Hi, Josh! What a great tutorial ! I never before heard about this workflow !!! This will positively help solving my problems in PP when using “only” the ‘dust and scratches’ filter in larger areas. Thank you again. I am looking for more to come.

  2. Profile photo of David Kenyon

    Thanks Josh,
    Another cool tip its so easy to overlook the details, thanks for sharing.

  3. Profile photo of

    Now I have learned something fresh and very useful, thank you Joshua for you to share your knowledge!

  4. Profile photo of Dmitry Kitaychik

    Thank you for nice tutorial Josh. Very well explained. Looking forward for more pro tips.

  5. Profile photo of TimKou

    It’s that attention to detail that gets the professional results. Great tutorial, Josh.

  6. Profile photo of Jessica Little

    Very helpful, sometimes retouching is neglected but the results are more than worth it. Retouching has helped me numourous times as a wedding photographer

  7. Profile photo of Andrey Mikhaylov

    Very nice tutorial, Josh! I think every retoucher should know about these tips.

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