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Photographers Beware! 18 amazing CGI photos to make you think about future

There’s no doubt that CGI – Computer Generated Imagery – is changing the whole photographic industry.

More and more companies are using CGI to showcase their product in advertisements around the world. What you see on a poster, on a website or on TV may not be the actual photo or video of the product, but a 3D rendered version of it.

Look at apple.com – you won’t find a photo anymore, all apple products are CGI rendering. IKEA is another brand that uses 3D and CGI instead of a photograph.
Will CGI eventually kill architectural and product photography? This is a tough question, and soon we will see the answer. Most likely, we will see a mix of CGI and photography, when studios will be using both techniques to create the most time and cost efficient yet perfect result for their commercial client.
This is one of the reasons why we are creating CGI courses for studio photographers on Photigy.

Here you will find examples of an amazing 3D rendered images as well as mixed CGI and photograph from world leading CGI artists and photographers.


What suppose to be a photography 10 years ago

Jack Daniel’s CG Photo Enhancement by Bomper Studio

web: Jack Daniel’s CG Photo Enhancement

Nature Got It Bright by James Gardner

web: jamesgardnerp.cgsociety.org

CGI for studio photographers

CHIANTI 2001 by Jan Kristian Vollmer

web: jankvollmer.cgsociety.org

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper by Patrick Danneker

web: frix.cgsociety.org

CGI for studio photographers

3d Golden Ink Pen by Wojciech Portnicki on Behance

web: behance.net/Auror

CGI for studio photographers

Johnnie Walker by Mecanigue Generale

web: www.mecanique-g.com

CGI for studio photographers

Bell & Ross (Heritage) by Kalpesh Patil

web: behance.net/patilkalpesh

Waterproof Key Case by Tim Cooper

web: behance.net/timcooper3D

CGI for studio photographers

Glenfiddich by Den Brooks

web: behance.net/DenBrooks

CGI for studio photographers

Gold Rush by Črtomir Just

web: behance.net/crtomirjust9b11


Tasty teapots for Curtis by Catzwolf Integrated

web: behance.net/catzwolf

CGI for studio photographers

Variations on eggs – Solar system by Enrico Cerica

web: enricocerica.cgsociety.org/

Bottle of Brahma Seleção Especial by Allan Portilho

web: behance.net/allanportilho

Splash by Vincent Del Jesus

Inspired by a great photo-montage by Alex Koloskov.

web: behance.net/prenaturel

Olive by Studio Clip

web: behance.net/StudioClip

CGI for studio photographers

BMW i8 Interior by Mostafa Zaki

web: BMW i8 Interior

Fantastic Breakfast by Souverein Post Production

web: behance.net/Souverein

CGI for studio photographers
CGI for studio photographers

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking forward to this course and finishing Ilya which is very good! May I ask how much do CGI artist make on average? Is it a good idea to advertise your photography and CGI together? Thank you and I am really looking forward to this class.

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