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Product Photography BTS: Moschino Perfume with heart splash

Product Photography BTS: Moschino Perfume with heart splash

This is behind the scene of a product photography shot I want to share with you,  hope it will be useful for the community.


The idea

The idea was to create perfume shot with splash with heart shape around perfume.

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   In the Gearbox

  • Cambo Ultima 35 Camera System
  • Rodenstock 100mm f/4 Apo-Sironar digital HR Lens
  • Canon 5D MKII

Splash shot camera:

Photo Lighting:

  • Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 (x2)

Grips and Stands:

Light Modifiers:

5 responses on "Product Photography BTS: Moschino Perfume with heart splash"

  1. Superb ! Great tutorial…really appreciate it

  2. Hi
    thanks a lot sharing this work: this is great!
    I was wondering about dust. How do you handle it? I mean when mounting your DSLR on the 4×5 camera, the sensor is open to dust. Do you have a dust filter added somewhere? Do you have a special cleaning process?

    • Hi loforweb. There is no dust filter. To be honest with you there is not much dust. Lensboard with leather bag is very tight and there is not much space for dust. If there will be some dust on sensor I will use dust blower.

  3. amazing work… thank you for sharing. really useful info, especially for me who is just starting with product photography.

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