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Invisible/Ghost Mannequin Photography Tutorials

The online fashion industry is one of the biggest growth sectors in the world.

Many of you probably already have experience in shooting clothes, whether it’s on the model or laying down flat, but we’ve been getting quite a few requests for some tutorials in this area.

So we decided to publish an article dedicated to fashion photography and, to be more precise, the use of a “Ghost Mannequin”, a relatively new and very popular way to display clothing in a catalog or a website.

Below you will find a few great examples in working with such mannequin, post-production in Photoshop, and other examples in creating the 3D “ghost mannequin effect”.

     An Unusual Ghost Mannequin “How to” from Aleksandr Pribora     

     Ghost Mannequin Photography: Use this 3D Effect     

We also found few links where you can buy these mannequins:

And of course you can probably find it on eBay : )

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