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Shooting objects with glossy, reflective surfaces:

a photography tutorial

In this tutorial Max Plotnikov explains how to build lighting setup for glossy objects. There is a very big difference of how we see a matte and glossy surface, and photographer must understand this and know how to reproduce glossy surface that it looks glossy, not matte.


In this tutorial you will learn basics practice of working with glossy subjects in the studio.

Shooting objects with glossy, reflective surfaces


About Max Plotnikov

I started my photography in high school. I’ve been shooting black and white and then color film. It was sort of a background hobby.

After I graduated I had worked for a product package design studio for about 10 years before I joined Doberman. It was the place where I first met professional product photographers. I was really impressed by what they were doing. Among other things I have been part of food photography, some splash photography etc. That was truly invaluable experience. As I say – I was really impressed by what our product photographers did but somehow never considered myself being a professional product photographer.

I came to Doberman with the idea to expand it to fully integrated creative and production studio.

We turned photography and retouching into something bigger – casting, stylists, visagists, shooting logistics, 3D graphics.


Read more in Photigy’s Interview with Max Plotnikov and Doberman Studio team.





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