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Why C-Stands are a better choice for studio photographers

So, why are C-stands a better choice for studio photographers?


I have started replacing the regular stands I use in the studio with C-stands, and decided to record this short video explaining my reasons. And I even did a cool “unboxing” of  my newest Impact C-stand  that I recently purchased from B&H. There is nothing extraordinary about them per se apart from a slightly different design, when compared to conventional light stands, but I feel a huge difference working in the studio since I started using C-stands.




For your convenience, I have created a wish-list on B&Hphotovideo.com with various stands and other useful and cool things I use in the studio. Enjoy:-)



One of our Photigy community photographers, Charles Sweigart, found another video explaining additional features of C-stands, and it is quite useful:

10 responses on "Why C-Stands are a better choice for studio photographers"

  1. Alex,

    I’m wanting to use this to hold a Strobe for overhead lighting. Will this work ? What additional part is needed to hold a Strobe ?

  2. Alex, Why did you choose chrome over the black version ?

  3. Thanks Alex. It was actually the one behind you in the set I was thinking of rather than the one you were demo’ing. It has clips on and an arm. Thanks again.

  4. Hi. Interesting video. CanI ask, the scrim in the background has a black arm and a clamp coming off the c-stand. Can you tell me what these are please?

  5. Thank you for another informative and helpful video, Alex. However you missed a very important feature that a c-stand can perform that the other design cannot do. You can easily place c-stands very close to each other when assembled [by nesting], which the other stands will not allow you to do.

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