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The Everyday Messenger Photography bag from Peak Design, a hands-on review

I had this The Everyday Messenger photography bag from Peak Design​  for over a week now. This is my hands-on review..

The Conclusion

  • Very well build and look stylish

    Seriously, this is one of the best bags looking bags I ever had in my life

  • Grows as you put more stuff in it

    Because of magnetic clasp and 4 ladder lock points you can lock bag with more or less room inside, according to your needs. Locks are easy snapping and secure

  • Easy access from top of the bag

    This is one of the best features rarely seen on messenger-style bags. Easy to put in/out your stuff with one hand through the “hood” :-)

  • Built-in pocket for a compact tripod

    One of the best features of Everyday Messenger bag. Tripod that fit on top of the bag, staying there secure and easy to pull it up. Does not take place inside a bag.

  • Compatibility with Peak Design accessories

    There are tons of other Peak Design accessories such as Capture camera clips and anchors  cane be fixed on the bag and will help you to mount your camera outside for an easy access.

  • Feels little heavy when I carry it almost empty

    Because of a good protection (and waterproofing) of the material this bag made of, it feels little heavy. So, if you have a small mirrorless with you, you may use “The Field Pouch” instead.

  • Slight tendency to fall on a front side when loaded

    I’ve noticed that when bag if fully loaded, it may not want to stay straight when placed on a ground, falling on front. Such behavior is more evident when heavy things are placed on top, and the narrow base can’t support the lost balance.

  • Expensive: $249 for the bag

    Well, this is hardly to be the cons, as a premium-grade gear cost premium price. However, I see what every penny is spend for: the quality of materials, design and build is exceptional.

Where to buy

3 responses on "The Everyday Messenger Photography bag from Peak Design, a hands-on review"

  1. Never mind – I found it. 3 Legged Thing – assuming it’s the Brian. Hard to get is absolutely true.

  2. Great video. Very information. I was part of the kickstarter deal, so am excited about getting the new bag and want to learn as much as I can about it in advance, So thank you. One question: can you tell us yet what the travel Tri-pod was? You definitely peaked my interest and I’d love to get something that works with the bag.

    – Steve

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