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Light painting with flashlight. Create your original product shot

Light painting with flashlight. Create your original product shot

Hi! How about to taking a step back from thoughts about technical side of your shots and just let your imagination to create whatever you want without any limits? Whatever you have in your bag, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to create almost any product shot after reading this article.

In video below I explain what exactly you need to create shot like this.





In this video, you’ll see real-time retouching process. I have to make a few remarks. I realized that white balance wasn’t pretty accurate, so I did color corrections in Photoshop to remove that bluish tint. For this, you can create Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and move Saturation slider to -100. Then add a mask to this layer and draw with a white brush on desired areas.


My goal was to show the way of creating product shots without complex setups. Noticed that tripod suppose to be very sturdy if you want to blend all images smooth. You can use “Difference” blending mode to precise combine two layers. Use Move Tool and arrows keys to move a layer.

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17 responses on "Light painting with flashlight. Create your original product shot"

  1. This is very cool! Just with a flash the final result is amazing, of course, photoshop is very important here to pull every shots together. I wonder how it works with one speedlight. Without light painting, it might take many strobes for setup with I don’t find myself have money in it. XD.

    I don’t drink beers but beers always look sexy. I think I’ll play with beers and have my husband to drink it when needed, he’ll be happy, haha. Or I think I will be searching how to make a fake foam head. I don’t have photoshop but photoshop elements 15 but I will try best.

  2. No photos are loading below the videos. I’ve tried in internet explorer, chrome, and microsoft edge. The only thing that loads is a lot of empty white space and text that says there are photos.

  3. Hello, Andrey, I am truly inspired by your work. You have really proven that with minimal equipment, we can achieve a truly outstanding result. Liked your post-production work as well. I did learn a new shortcut from for modifying brush dia & hardness on-the-fly. If I may add, the label has a slight blue cast and if that is neutralised, it’d look even more better. Overall, a great video. Look forward to learn more from you. Best wishes, Ram.

  4. My video goes black at 33:30. Does anyone else have an issue?

  5. Very good pro result and only with a flashlight !

  6. An informative video using lots of inexpensive gear to get a great shot. The ironing board shooting table really shows how to think outside the box to achieve pro results with items that are readily available at low or no cost.
    Can’t wait to try out these techniques and have a go at this.
    Thanks Andrey

  7. Nice work! I really like light painting, but I don’t do enough of it. You’ve inspired me to go play a little. :) Thanks!

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