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8 Ways to Start Making Money as a Photographer

8 Ways to Start Making Money as a Photographer

How to become a professional photographer, what is the “turning point” when one starts making money with a camera? How a photographer can start charging for his/her services, how to get first clients and how the transition from”hobbyist” to “professional” happens?
I am sure these are very interesting questions for hundreds of amateurs and passionate photographers who want to make a living from doing photography they love.


In the video, I’ve tried to analyze and create a common “models of success” based on interviews I have conducted over the last couple of years with many successful professionals in the photography business. Photographers like Peter Hurley, Sean Armenta, Bill Cahill, Philip Sydow, Vadim Chiline and many others.


Think about where you are right now? Do you recognize your way to be similar to one of my “models of success”? If it was not mentioned in my video, please share your story in a private email to me or in a comments area below.



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