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Advertising photography Behind-The-Scene:

Creating Aqua Minerale

Advertisement Nescafe Advertising Photoshot

This is an example of how we completed one of our commercial assignments. We decided to share the workflow with readers and highlighted each major step we went through during this commercial photography job.

Author: Ilya and Max Plotnikov, owners at Doberman Studio

Splashes is a very interesting theme that have a huge attention among photographers, clients and viewers. One of our first projects was Aqua Minerale advertising with a splash around the bottle.

Advertising photography Behind-The-Scene

1. The Idea (Creative)

The idea was to build water splashes grown from the bottle and support a new bottle design.


2. The Bottle and Drops

The client wasn’t sure about water drops on the bottle so it was decided to create two images: with drops and without. There were also two options of water drops: perfectly round put one by one on the bottle and more natural.

We started with the clean bottle. After the photo shoot we got rid of some unnecessary refraction and the bottle was ready.


It wasn’t that easy with water drops. Perfect drops are put one by one, they should be more or less the same size and distribution should look natural.

Too big drop could go down taking away all drops below it, so it’s better to go from top to the bottom. During the process of putting the drops on a bottle we were taking test pictures and after a while Art Director decided to go with the second option.


The next part was to place natural water drops on the bottle. We used Condor Foto “Dew Effect”.


3. Water Splashes

Since the bottle shape was lost under the drops while the main idea of the advertising was based on it we chose the clean bottle with no drops.

Having a approved sketch and understanding of what kind of water splashes we’re going to need we started with water splashes photos. Since we needed flat and wide splashes we used wide and not very deep cups.


Separate drops looked the best when we used hands instead of tableware.


4. Post-Production

After we made sure we’ve got enough material we started a post production and created the first sketch.


After some comments and final approval of the splashes shapes the long and laborious process has been started. The most complicated part is that you should be ready that you could receive comments from Art Director and a client till the very end although it’s getting more and more complicated to make changes with finalizing an image. During the post production process you most likely have to change the initially approved shapes some deficiency in a sketch may look alright but doesn’t work for the final image. An advertising could be printed in huge sizes and it’s essential that every pixel of the image is on its place.


Here you can see one week of a team job in 20 seconds.

Advertising photography Behind-The-Scene
Agency: Mojo
Art Director: Alexey Ryzhov
Photography and post production: Doberman Studio



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