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Business of Photography:

Assignment #13

Increase your cash-flow
— Pro Corner Assignment #13–

This is a second assignment for photographers joined this coaching program


Additional Video with explanations of the assignment 

Below are the submissions we received and reviewed during our online critique session on Photigy LIVE.

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What We Did:

Defined a current situation and available resources that we have in our possession.
Created a vision of a future of 1 to 5 years from now
Found our core values
Built an “avatar” for our current and future customer
Prepared to create a long-term strategy for growing our photography business

All this we’ll be doing in a group, discussing our progress at each Photigy Live review and on the forum.

On a next assignments from this series we’ll cover a specific techniques and solutions for each task you’ll have in your action plan: from building an attractive portfolio to marketing, from creating your brand to using social networks to promote it, finding a photo representative and much more.


The Video for the Assignment

The Assignment:

1. Register all necessary social media accounts and pot link on the forum. We’ll be checking for everyday activity on them:-)

2. Find your “next client” and make a self-assignment of their product shot. Post result on the forum  – we’ll make sure you have a good work to represent your client. 



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