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Exploring Polarized Light in the Studio:

Part One

So I got to use this technique now, and this is the first test of it. Nothing extraordinary to it, but it opens amazing possibilities in many areas of studio tabletop photography: product, jewelry, silverware, food… you name it!

And these are examples: with and w/o polarizer film on the spotlight. No processing, straight from the Lightroom.

I must add that using a circular polarizer alone did not give nearly any effect: it reduced those bright spots from the light to about 10%… which won’t help me at all.

 Looks pretty interesting, doesn’t it?

Of course CPL kills not only bad reflections, but also affects good ones, like the bottom label on the bottle and the metal utensils it the white jar. This is a powerful technique and we have to watch it before throwing it into an action 🙂

Useful Links:

Visible Light Linear Polarizer
Polarizing Film- 2pieces 2″ Sq.
Google it!

The next thing I’ll do is to use this stuff for jewelry photography, and use multiple polarized lights.

All the best my friends!

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