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Meet Ali Naim Ulusoglu:

Luxury Still Life Photographer

Meet Ali Naim Ulusoglu: Luxury Still Life Photographer

 First of all, never consider being a photographer is just having an occupation, this is a very cheerful, interesting and experimental path that you will walk on until the last day of your life. At least, it is like that from my point of view.

Ali Naim Ulusoglu is a Luxury Photographer based out of Istanbul, Turkey. Ali holds a degree in mechanical engineering and originally pursued a career in the same field. With the support of his family, Ali quit his job to pursue his passion of photography, becoming a full time commercial photographer.

Photigy Interview with Luxury Photographer Ali Naim Ulusoglu

Could you tell us about your background Ali? Have you gone to school for photography or were you self taught?

My name is Ali Naim Ulusoglu, I was born in Izmir,Turkey in 1978. I was almost 10 years old when I received my first camera which was a Polaroid. So a new journey began for a little boy with an ambition, being a photographer. I tried many different types of amateur cameras until the day I met my first DSLR in 1997, the Nikon D70 while I was going to university to be a mechanical engineer.

In those years at university, I was an amateur photographer, shooting portraits and landscapes. Then I finally graduated from university and started to work to gain my life as an engineer which was my profession, so in those circumstances, it seemed to be the best idea.

However I never gave up my ambition to be a photographer and decided to built my own studio at home. During this period, I had been working as an engineer during the day and shooting photographs of jewelries from my friend’s store at night, and at the same time I was self-teaching and received many tutorials and training online. Definitely a very busy and exhausting period of time.

The milestone of my life was the day I came across a web site, called The quality of my pictures developed rapidly and consequently I received a business offer from Istanbul.

Now, I am working with the biggest jewelry company in Turkey and broaden my abilities to be a still life photographer, specialized in luxury products.

My best support is my beloved wife, Yansi, who taught me “do not run after your ambitions, but reach for them. Forgot the past, not to worry about future, live the moment…”

Why did you decide to make Photography a business?

To live a life how I imagine.

How did you find your first client? Was it through an agency or through direct contact?

Through a direct contact. I have sent my photos to companies which might be needing a still life photographer.

What has been one of your greatest challenges when it comes to commercial photography?

While shooting a close up of a live alligator 🙂 No, no, just kidding. I always try to do find clients who are not happy with their current situation, not achieved what exactly they look for. Therefore, most of my clients are in a very high demand, so generally it’s challenging.

Besides the camera, lights, and computer, what is one piece of studio equipment you could not live without?

🙂 Of course, my lovely diffusers…

What is some advice you would give to someone who is looking to start their own photography studio? Is it all about business, technical aptitude, art, etc… What would you tell a newcomer?

Well, this is a question without a proper answer, I believe it changes according to the person and what she/he would like to do. Still, there are some tips that I can propose.

First of all, never consider being a photographer is just having an occupation, this is a very cheerful, interesting and experimental path that you will walk on until the last day of your life. At least, it is like that from my point of view.

So be yourself to be successful, do what you feel. Don’t shoot for someone else, always shoot for yourself. (But keep in mind, don’t force your client too much 🙂 )

While you are looking to start your own studio, always be simple, stay away from fancy and unnecessary investments, search for the correct equipment for your business.

Don’t stop learning, there are always things that you have never heard of. Do experiments and try to find things have not been tried before.

Strictly focus on a market and specialize in it. Don’t shoot for different types of clients. If you would like to be a still life photographer, leave the fashion to someone else. In the beginning, this will be the toughest quest for you, but at the end, you will get the benefit more than you think.

What is the most important thing you have learned about photography and the creative process that you want to share with the world?

Spiritually, I have learnt to be free minded. It is the hardest thing to do in the world, so just relax and let it go. Technically, diffusers are your best friend while shooting, always keep one close to you.

The Photigy Team would like to thank Ali for his passionate insights and for sharing his amazing works. We wish him success and can’t wait to see more of his works.

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