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Digital Darkroom: Post-Production Classes


Post-production and photography go hand in hand. There’s no escaping Photoshop and why would we want to, it’s another tool in our arsenal that lets us create in ways that we simply couldn’t do in reality.

When it comes to product photography, the post-production stage is just as important as the time spent in the studio, and a necessary step to give your images that polished and professional look.

The Photigy library has a number of classes that will teach you how to master compositing, color, retouching and more.

Recent Workshops & Tutorials

HDR Outline Tutorial: Example #1

HDR Outline Tutorial: Example #1 Below is a tutorial in pictures. I believe that simple visual materials are a more understandable way to learn. Please give me your feedback on how useful or clear it is. I plan to create e-book and IPad Applications this way, so any...