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Glenfiddich Whisky Shot

Product Photography Behind the Scene and how it was done

Glenfiddich Whisky Shot

Hi Guys! I am Aron Czapiewski and this is a behind-the-scene of a whisky bottle shot

Glenfiddich Whisky Shot


As shooting surface I used lid from wooden chest. I used real wood (not laminate) because I real wood have nice texture. As a background I used old wooden planks and I hang them on c-stand.


Whisky in the glass is real. Ice is acrylic.

Three fights has been used for this shot: First light with honecomb grid is for background. Its located on the floor.

Second light is behind diffuser with strip box.


As diffuser I used large aluminium frame and I attached Savage Translum. That giving us reflection with gradient on the glass and bottle and its creating gradient on gold card panels as well.

Third light is with honecomb grid to highlight label on the bottle.


Trick on this shot are two gold cards/panels which are behind glass and the bottle.


To create them I used thick card and I added adhesive chrome vinyl/film so it works like gold mirror. Then I glued a piece of wood in to back of them so they have stand and are easy to move. They use a light which is diffused and that create glow look on the glass and bottle.


Final Image   

Glenfiddich Whisky Shot


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