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Secrets of Quick Retouching: Fix It in Photoshop #1

Secrets of Quick Retouching: Fix It in Photoshop #1

Retouching doesn’t always mean hours and hours of post-production. Sometimes it takes only 20-30 minutes in Photoshop to transform an image tremendously.

We are happy to present you our pilot video from “Fix it in Photoshop” webinar series for Studio Basics and Pro Club membership programs.

This is an exclusive, free for everyone, video just to give you an idea of the series.

Become a member and check out our active and past events here: FIX IT IN PHOTOSHOP

Fix It in Photoshop #1 — Webinar

Host: Ilya Plotnikov

Want to Improve Your Works Significantly?

Here Are a Few Tips

Webinar Images: Before & After


Learn Photoshop with Ilya Plotnikov on this Interactive course

From my experience, good retouching skills are vital for any photographer if he or she wants to become best of the best. This interactive post-production course has been designed for product photographers and covers the most popular types of product photography.

Ilya Plotnikov

Photographers about the course

1 responses on "Secrets of Quick Retouching: Fix It in Photoshop #1"

  1. Ilya,
    Thanks, a lot for the lesson! I think the result looks much better.
    now i’ll try to follow all the steps,

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