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Ultimate sharp images in your photography – An introduction to focus stacking, Part 2

Ultimate sharp images in your photography – An introduction to focus stacking, Part 2

Want to learn how to create sharp and stunning images?

Wonder why stopping your lens to f32 never worked right? You’ve heard about focus stacking but never really knew much about it, or were too scared to try?

Well, Vadim Chiline, one of North America’s top jewelry and luxury product photographers will show you the basics in this overview video.

He will show you how to get the most depth of field with your camera of a simple object on white as well as an object sitting on a more complex background.

In this Part 2 of the video (part 1 is here), he will attempt to showcase the difference in focus stacking found between Adobe Photoshop and Helicon Focus which are the two most popular solutions to this problem.

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6 responses on "Ultimate sharp images in your photography - An introduction to focus stacking, Part 2"

  1. Hi Vadim
    Just watched this tutorial, thanks for doing it! We have been doing focus stacking by hand, like you, for a while. I am going to try the StackShot automated rail system soon because am getting just too many imprecise stacks that helicon biffs on. This causes wasted time as well as we have to manually re-stack the images in PS or make corrections in Helicon (still not up to speed on that tool so takes time). My hope is that with the automated system, My shooters can just focus on near and far points, tell the system to split it up 5-10 steps and go….we’ll see ;)

    The latest problem is some stereo products (breadbox size speakers shot on mirror) and only 2-4 image stacks but whether I try A,B, or C…I keep getting double images wherever there is sharp detail like small feet or text on a flat uniform surface. I will try and post an example later this morning when I get in.

    Thanks again for the info and any advice in advance!


  2. With every video or tutorial that Photigy public, I learn something new or a better way to do something I do already. You can not imagine how happy I am to have found Photigy and met the photographers so talented and generous. Thanks Vadim, great lesson!

  3. Just an other great tutorial Vadim.

  4. Well explained, Vadim! Nice tutorial, especially the end -)

  5. Hahaha… well Photoshop ROCKS the house for a million things… this just isn’t one of them unless I have some bug…. but seriously…. wow.

  6. Nice job Vadim! I love how Photoshop sucked so much that you just left it doing it things while you told people not to use it. lol – Perfect!

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