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Water Photography Tutorial (Splash): Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Part 1

Water Photography Tutorial (Splash): Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Part 1

Water Photography Tutorial: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Part 1

Hi guys! I think most of you guys here at Photigy are inspired by Alex, right? I actually got very inspired by his Milky iPhone splash when I first saw it, and I knew that I wanted to have a shot like this in my photo portfolio. It’s about 7 months since I saw that image and now I finally got to cover my phone with blue paint! :-)

Gear Used for this Shot:

  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Sigma EX 150 f/2.8 Macro
  • Canon 580EX II x2
  • Canon 430EX II
  • Phottix Odin x3
  • Phottix 70x70cm softbox
  • Phottix 35x140cm stripbox
  • Home made grid
  • Lightstands
  • Batterycover┬á
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 :-)


Special Thanks To:

My brother in law Robert for joining me and taking photos and video from this shot.
My friend Johnny for letting me use his music in the video where I’m throwing liquids!



I bought my Samsung, used, from a guy at a Swedish mobile forum, and with the phone I got a bunch of different battery covers. I love the original one so I put the other covers in a box and stored them in the garage. I then┬árealized┬áthat I could use one of them for a shot like this, so I went out to the garage and picked one of them, then I went to the store and bought a new light stand so I had something to glue the cover to. As usual, I’m using the power glue I bought for a shot a few month ago, and I find it to worked really well! I put a string of glue on the top of the light stand, and another strip on the cover. I wanted to have the phone on a slight tilt so I glued the cover a bit tilted to the right, as you can see in the final shot.

Liquid splash photography tutorial (Power glue and battery cover glued to light stand)

Liquid splash photography tutorial
(Light stand and battery cover fixed to it)

Update: video review from Alex Koloskov

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2 responses on "Water Photography Tutorial (Splash): Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Part 1"

  1. Very Nice Tutorial Patric. Thanks so much for doing this – I’m sure it will be well appreciated.

    The final shot looks fantastic – all your hard work paid off. Alex would be proud!

    Cheers, B.

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